Callah Robinson: 2019 Montana Cross Camp Interview – Cyclocross Magazine

This year’s Montana Cross Camp marked Callah Robinson’s (NW Women’s Cyclocross Project) first trip to the annual summer camp, but it was anything but her first go at cyclocross.

Hailing from Washington, Robinson first tried ’cross when she was 9 (give or take a year) after her dad suggested she try it out. “He signed me up, and I did it. And I had fun, so I did it again,” Robinson said.

Callah Robinson rips the sand during the final on-the-bike session at camp. 2019 Women’s MontanaCrossCamp. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

Robinson still remembers her first cyclocross bike, which is one that is likely familiar for folks who got started in the sport in the early 2010s. “I think it was the white Redline my sister now rides,” she said about her first bike. “I got it for my birthday. It’s still around, but it’s an old bike and pretty heavy too. I couldn’t lift it.”

Not Callah Robinson’s first Redline. Also not her bike, since it was the pit exchange drill. 2019 Women’s MontanaCrossCamp. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

Heading to Montana, Robinson knew she would have some friends to help her ease into the running and busy daily schedules. Juliann Vanderhaegen is also from Washington and teammate Ellie Mitchell of Alaska was also at the camp. Robinson is racing age 16 this year, so her primary focus will be welcoming the rest of the U.S. ’cross community to Cyclocross Nationals in Tacoma this December.

“I’ve already looked at the course,” she said. “I’m pretty psyched about it. Old year, fun course, I’m pretty stoked.”

Callah Robinson navigates the Wednesday relay course. 2019 Women’s MontanaCrossCamp. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

I sat down to chat with Robinson while I was at Montana Cross Camp. You can get to know her better in the interview below.

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