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Maloja SarognoM Mountain Bike Shorts Review –

It’s easy to call mountain bike shorts durable, as most of them are to some extent. Maloja has taken the term to task with the SarognoM Shorts, and you can feel it. The 3-layer Stormshell fabric is water-resistant, stretches in all four ways, and the outer polyurethane layer of fabric has a DWR coating to add water resistance and to make the shorts easier to clean.

The tough exterior of these shorts not only means they will be along for more rides, but it makes them impressively windproof too. I wore the SarognoM shorts on numerous rides in below-freezing temps and was surprised by how warm I felt, particularly given their breathability. For example, I wore them on a 4-hour ride in Sardinia, with December temps at around 60° F (15.5 C), and my clothes underneath were mostly dry when I arrived home. That is, until I walked out into the sea.

No gap between the shorts and my knee pads.

The SarognoM shorts fit fantastically. I wear a size small in nearly all shorts, and these are cut true to size with a lot of room for adjustment. They stayed put while riding, and the zippers lock into place to keep quiet. The legs are long enough to cover about a third of my kneepads while in a seated riding position.

Large belt loops leave the option to cinch these super tight if you like, or possibly to run your hip-pack belt through them.

The shorts close with a sturdy zipper and two large snaps. There is one pocket on the right side, large enough for a cell phone. Overall Maloja’s SarognoM shorts look clean and minimal. While pricey, their build quality and fit make them well worth the cash.

Price $159 (€160)

Thanks to Maloja for sending over these shorts for review.