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Bicyclist Killed on Road Crossing Central Park Where Activists Want a Protected Lane –

Posted on December 19, 2019 at 12:14 pm by West Sider

A 50-year-old doctor was hit and killed by a school bus full of kids crossing Central Park on the 96th Street transverse on Wednesday. The cyclist hit a curb or a patch of ice and fell before being run over, police told news outlets. None of the 14 children on the bus were reported injured, and the driver has not been charged.

Dr. Daniel Cammerman was a well-known pediatrician affiliated with Mt. Sinai. His death comes amid a push for crosstown protected bike lanes through Central Park. While cars are banned in the park, it’s not easy for cyclists to get across the park quickly in a safe manner. Months ago, Transportation Alternatives set up a petition asking for protected lanes and pedestrian improvements at various cross-park roads, including the 96th Street transverse road.

“Give cyclists protected, dedicated connections between Central Park and the Hudson River Greenway with the goal of river-to-river protected routes in mind, so that we can bike across town easily and safely!” the petition says. It had 937 signatures as of Thursday.

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