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Cycling enthusiasts are always in search of new trails to explore. Thankfully, you will find numerous destinations worldwide with stunning cycling paths suitable for both novice cyclists and professionals. If you’re an avid cyclist looking for your next destination while allowing you to enjoy some luxury, here are the best destinations around the world for luxury road cycling.

Italy is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries to explore on a bike, boasting incredible scenery and varying geography. From the soaring peaks of the Dolomites to the scenic shores of the Italian Lakes and the rolling hills of Tuscany, it makes for a fantastic destination for a cycling trip.

Cycling in Italy can provide the experience that adventurers crave. If you’re up for some challenges, you can cycle through the world-famous high mountain passes of the Dolomites or participate in one of the many cycling events. The Dolomites are a captivating place to explore if you’re looking for serious road cycling. You can expect decent road conditions easily connected into loops, suitable for most legs. However, since it’s a mountainous region, there are few flat roads, so make sure you come prepared. You will pass along many beautiful villages home to shops and cafes, where you can take a break.

As one of Italy’s most picturesque regions, Tuscany is a popular destination for a cycling holiday. In fact, the region is famous for hosting a cycling race called the Strade Bianche. There are numerous quiet roads you can cycle through in Tuscany. Some roads lead to the coast as far as the Cinque Terre, while others take you to the region’s wineries, where you can stop to sample delectable wine.

While Ibiza has a reputation for being the ultimate party destination, it’s also a great place to explore on a bike. Cycling in Ibiza is the best way to discover the island’s scenic views, from beautiful sandy beaches to fascinating sandstone cliffs. The paths are varied, with a mix of flat and hilly terrains, suitable for all levels of cyclists. You will also find some luxury villas in Ibiza, allowing you to relax after cycling while enjoying some luxury.

One of the best things about cycling in Ibiza is that it’s a relatively small island. If you hate the idea of cycling for hundreds of kilometres, then Ibiza will suit you best. It’s only about 20 km long, from one end to another, allowing you to make a quick round trip and explore the island’s gorgeous regions within the day.

The cycling route in San Lorenzo is one of the most scenic routes in Ibiza. While it does require pedalling through slopes, most are low, allowing you to focus on admiring the gorgeous views you pass through. The route starts in the lovely village of Santa Eulalia, taking you through picturesque fields before finally reaching San Lorenzo and returning to where you started.

The Peak District
Home to fabulous off-road cycling routes, Britain’s Peak District is another fantastic destination for luxury road cycling. The region has plenty of scenic backroads and challenging paths for expert cyclists. Novice cyclists will also find plenty of easy and mainly flat trails. Regardless of where you’re cycling, you are guaranteed excellent views from picture-perfect villages flanked by rugged cliffs to magnificent Victorian viaducts and bridges.

The Longdendale Trail is a 12-mile cycle track starting in the town of Hadfield. You can’t find bike rental shops in town. However, there’s a railway station nearby, allowing you to bring your bike. Follow the road with the dismantled railway through Platt Street, gently climbing up through a beautiful valley surrounded by moorland, past a series of reservoirs. The trail will end in Woodhead Tunnel, and you can cycle back to Hadfield again.

The 15-mile road to the Upper Derwent Valley is another popular cycling trail in the Peak District. It takes you to three reservoirs and has a mix of road and dirt tracks with few steeper ascents. Keep your eyes peeled for some wildlife, including unique bird species. On a warm sunny day, the reservoir’s intense blue water and pine forest will make you think you are in the Mediterranean instead of England.

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has many fascinating places to explore on a bike. Each island offers something unique to all kinds of cyclists, whether you are an expert or a novice. If you plan on hopping to various islands, you will find some luxury cruises in Indonesia to book. You can take your bike on the cruise and cycle from one island to another.

As Indonesia’s most popular island, Bali is a fantastic choice for a cycling holiday. Cycling in Bali will take you to lush mountains, iconic rice fields, enchanting temples, and magnificent waterfalls. But it’s worth noting that cycling in Bali can be challenging due to its hilly interior and crazy steep roads. But if you are looking for some challenge to hone your cycling skills, it’s worth a try. Nusa Penida is more suitable if you prefer a less crowded island to cycle through. It has a somewhat different landscape than Bali, consisting of a limestone plateau featuring stunning white rocks.

The French Alps
If you’re a keen cyclist and want to challenge yourself, you should consider conquering the French Alps. The Alps are Europe’s tallest mountain chain, reaching a vast area, including France. Consisting of mountain ranges separated by steep valleys, the Alps are a playground for adventurous cyclists.

If you’re cycling in the French Alps in summer, you can explore the northern Alps. Albertville and Lac Leman are popular among cyclists visiting in summer since they are close to the region’s top attractions, such as Lake Annecy and Lac Leman. While in this area, you can cycle through the towns of Thonon-Les-Bains and Evian-Les-Bains, which sit by the magnificent Lake Leman. You can also cycle through Morzine, a popular route for Tour de France. It’s usually tackled together with the Col de la Ramaz.

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