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BC Bike Race, USA edition in 2022! –

The classic British Columbia Bike Race is running south of the border in 2022. In a move, they are calling historic for the Canadian mountain bike event, BCBR is abandoning their nice compact format for their Ultimate Singletrack Experience where each stage leads into the next, instead opting for the warmth & variety of iconic American mountain bike destinations with overland & air transfers between Sedona, Moab & Bentonville…

BCBR goes to America, BC Bike Race is moving to the USA for 2022, Sedona route leaked

From BCBR:

BC Bike Race is proud to announce that its 16th edition and the 2022 race will be held jointly between Sedona, Moab, and Bentonville, yes in the USA, Sept 16-22, 2022. All three stops will host 2 separate stages, with the final 5, 6 & 7th stages to be hosted in Bentonville.

I rode the race a couple years ago and was stoked on what they are doing up there, we’ve been chatting ever since to bring the event down south. We’ll add in some Sedona Festival Vibe and maybe ride the Hangover trail to bring the wild-side out in the racers.” – Mike Raney – Sedona MTB Festival and Thunder Mountain Bikes

BCBR goes to America, BC Bike Race is moving to the USA for 2022, British Columbia loam in Moab?

The move to the USA coincides with a growth in Snowbird migration (Canadians that head South 6 months of the year). BC Bike Race wants to make sure to provide a mountain bike experience for these Canadians abroad and these destinations are like sister cities to British Columbia, boasting a ton of fun and thrilling singletrack.

Moab is ready to host its first ever BC Bike Race- I’ve done 2 editions myself – and we’re importing a ton of dirt from BC to make the experience as authentic as possible, just imagine Captain Ahab with BC Loam all the way down.” – Mark Sevenoff – Outerbike and Western Spirit Adventures

BCBR goes to America, BC Bike Race is moving to the USA for 2022, Bentonville finish?

By combining the air travel experience with mountain biking we hope to keep all the participants’ logistics highly challenging and add an extra layer of fatigue between the stops, this will truly be an EPIC event.

No one has ever put on an event like this, well maybe the Tour De France, but we think now is the time to blow the doors off the mountain bike world, gotta think Big and Crazy. We want to think extra big, maybe next year the final stop will be in Vermont, expand to a four stop 12 stage race!” – Dean Payne – BC Bike Race President

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