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Mountain Biker Nikki Whiles Owns the Trails – GearJunkie

This one-minute short is the perfect distraction — and motivation — you might be craving this Monday.

Produced by California bike brand Wilderness Trail Bikes, this video is closer to a teaser than a film. But in its short duration, it still delivers on displays of technical skill, gorgeous trail shots, and inspiration.

U.K. rider Nikki Whiles partnered with a U.K. film studio and U.S. bike brand a couple of weeks ago to star in this short, “Own The Trail.” Whiles is a great example of devotion to the sport: He broke his back when he was 15 but didn’t let that stop him from riding.

Although he has an impressive list of highlights from his trail-building and bike career, this video isn’t about that. It’s about the beauty of getting out and crushing trails.

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