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Gordon Johnson of Rider Alert shares how a Cycling Accident left him Unconscious on the Side of the Road – PRNewswire

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Mar 03, 2020, 12:19 ET

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cruising on his bike down a hill at 30mph on a quiet stretch of road, no one would have suspected that a 40lb wild turkey would suddenly fly across the road inches above the ground in front of Gordon that day. A direct hit sent him flying still attached to his bike. Gordon landed upside down on his head knocking him unconscious. With a crushed helmet, shredded clothes, serious road rash and the need for a year of hip rehabilitation and knee surgery, Gordon was lucky that day. While Gordon rides most of the time alone, he happened to be cycling with others that day. His phone was found about 15 yards away. In the ambulance, Gordon couldn’t even remember his code to call his wife.

“I have learned that if you ride, it isn’t a matter of if, but when you will have a crash,” says the founder of Rider Alert who is an avid cyclist having competed in dozens of triathlons, including over 15 Iron Man events and 2 Iron Man 70.3 World Championships. Gordon is living proof that regardless of your level of expertise, accidents happen. 

In hopes that he could help others, Gordon created Rider Alert to keep cyclists and runners connected to their loved ones while staying connected to life-saving services.  Unlike other devices, Rider Alert is monitored 24/7 with an operator standing by to dispatch emergency assistance when needed. Using GPS rider tracking and with live crash detection, emergency assistance is always available including text notifications to your loved ones when a crash occurs. In addition, your loved ones can track your location through the app at any time.  

Rider Alert’s founders are thrilled to announce that in addition to offering Rider Alert Nationwide, they will donate a percentage of 2020 profits to two worthy charitable causes. “We were especially impressed by Trips for Kids,” () a national nonprofit which provides transformative cycling experiences for kids through a network of chapters that promote healthy recreational lifestyles, environmental awareness, and personal empowerment for young people of all communities, especially those most in need. Rider Alert’s team will also donate a percentage of profits to Tour de Cure which is the premiere fundraising event of the American Diabetes Association.

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