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Mountain & Exercise Bike Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals: Best Dirt, Road, Balance & Training Bike Deals Rated by Retail Fuse – Business Wire

BOSTON–()–Here’s our expert pick of the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday bicycle and bike deals, reviewed and published by the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales team at Retail Fuse.

Best exercise bike deals:

Best road & mountain bike deals:

Best dirt bike deals:

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In the past decade, bikes have gotten more functional, more reliable, and more fun to ride. The variety has bloomed from a few basic styles including road bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes and now includes all manner of niches and categories, like exercise bikes and performance bikes. Kids also has a specified bike category. The popular balance bikes from Strider bikes are pedal-less bikes which allows children to start their riding earlier, largely replacing tricycles as a toddler’s first ride.

What is the reason Black Friday is called Black Friday? Black Friday’s informal name is rooted in the large increase in revenue from highly discounted sales that begin on the day after Thanksgiving, a significant factor in keeping many retail stores profitable or ‘in the black’.

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