Noble Bikes Unveils New CX3 Alloy Cyclocross and GX1 Steel Gravel Bikes – 2019 Sea Otter Classic – Cyclocross Magazine

Noble first unveiled its bikes a year ago at Sea Otter, and this year, it showed off its production gravel and cyclocross bikes that are shipping now along with a brand-new Reynolds steel 653 GX1 gravel bike.

The Noble GX1 gravel bike is made from Reynolds 653 steel, features an Ultegra drivetrain and retails for $2999. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

The small Seattle-area brand focuses solely on bikes designed to get dirty. It has two full suspension mountain bike models, three gravel bikes and one cyclocross model.

First, some clarification. Unlike with other companies, the company’s numbering system doesn’t represent the price point or level but rather, the frame material. In the gravel line, the GX1 is steel, GX3 is alloy and GX5 is carbon.

In the gravel line, the Rival-equipped GX3 is the most affordable at $1,999, while the steel and carbon models retail for $2,999.

The $1999 Noble GX3 aluminum gravel bike comes with Rival 1, a 10-42t XD cassette, and Stans No Tubes Grail wheels. Noble cyclocross and gravel bikes. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Noble’s founder Mark Landsaat previously worked at Raleigh, and perhaps some of the colors and product offerings show some of the connection. The GX3’s color, for example reminds us of the Raleigh RX24, while the new GX1 shares some similarities with an updated Raleigh Tamland.

At the show we saw the in-production CX3 alloy cyclocross bike. The value-oriented $1,999 Rival-equipped bike is race-ready with Stan’s NoTubes Grail Mk3 wheels, Donnelly PDX tires and a 1x drivetrain.

The Noble cyclocross CX3 aluminum bike pairs SRAM Rival 1 and Stans NoTubes wheels to create a value-oriented race bike at $1999. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

The carbon GX5 gravel bike boasts SRAM Force 1 components, Stan’s NoTubes Grail wheels and Donnelly MSO 40mm tires. Stay tuned for a full review on this lightweight $2,999 model.

Clean, minimalist dropouts, internal routing and fender mounts offer versatility and foul weather protection. Noble cyclocross and gravel bikes. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

The latest offering is the Reynolds 653 steel GX1 bike. The Ultegra 2x-equipped bike also retails for $2,999 and could be considered an updated Raleigh Tamland, given Landsaat’s background. The bike was unveiled at Sea Otter and should be coming later this season.

The Noble Reynolds 653 GX3 gravel bike could be considered to be an updated Tamland, as Noble’s Mark Landsaat’s previous role was at Raleigh. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Noble bikes are available directly to consumers through its website.

For a closer look at Noble’s bikes, see the photo gallery below.

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