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When you’re shredding down a mountainside, you want to know your mountain bike is performing at its best and you want to be prepared for anything—jumps, roots, rocks, mistakenly basing into a tree. Thankfully there are all sorts of accessories out there to make sure your bike—and you—can make it through to the end of the ride as unscathed as possible. These include tools, parts, personal safety gear and more and are the must-have mountain bike accessories that will make sure you have an awesome ride no matter what the circumstances are.

The Best Mountain Bike Accessories

  • 1

    Best Venting Mips Helmet

    Bushwhacker II MIPS Helmet Sweet Protection Read More

  • 2

    Most Comprehensive Multitool

    M20 Multi-Tool crankbrothers Read More

  • 3

    Best Frame Protection

    eMTB Frame Protection Kit RideWrap Read More

  • 4

    Best Flat Pedals

    Composite Pedal oneup-components Read More

  • 5

    Best Mountain Bike Light

    Seca 2000 Race Headlight light-motion Read More

What to Consider

Practicality versus fun. We could write this piece up a hundred different ways: “Fun mountain bike gear for any ride,” or “The best safety gear for mountain biking,” or “Cool mountain bike gear for after your ride.” However, in this instance, we’re focusing on the essentials—the pieces of gear you should always have with you or use before or after a ride. So, while a lot of the gear is fun, we’re focussed on practicality here.

As such, we looked at the best protective gear both for the bike and the rider. We also considered the best tools for riding and fixing a bike as well as the best gear for making sure your bike is trail-ready.

Of course not all riders will need all the gear for every ride, so we considered the best use for each type of rider. For instance, a cross country rider won’t need the same gear that a serious downhill rider does. Similarly, someone who only rides in the day won’t need a light for riding on the trail at night—but for those that do, it’s essential gear!

How We Selected

We selected based on a number of factors. We used our own experience with many of these products, having used and tested mountain bike gear for years. We also considered roundups of other mountain bike accessories from Bicycling Magazine, Outside, and other trusted reviewers, such as Treeline Review and Outdoor Gear Lab.


Best Venting Mips Helmet

Sweet Protection

Bushwhacker II MIPS Helmet

Now 19% off

Key Specs

Weight 11.6 ounces
Colors Matte Black, Matte White, Site Grey Metallic, Bronco White
Sizes S/M


Most Comprehensive Multitool


M20 Multi-Tool

Key Specs

Weight 7.2 ounces
Sizes One
Colors Black, Gold, Black/Red, Nickel


Best Frame Protection


eMTB Frame Protection Kit

Key Specs

Weight N/A
Sizes Custom to bike
Colors Gloss or matte finish
Item Weight 0.63 Pounds


Best Flat Pedals


Composite Pedal

Key Specs

Weight 12.5 ounces
Sizes One size
Colors Black, red, blue, green, orange, purple


Best Mountain Bike Light


Seca 2000 Race Headlight

Now 40% off

Key Specs

Weight 12.5 ounces
Sizes One size
Colors Black


Best Mountain Bike Bell


Bolt-On Model Mountain Bike Bell

Key Specs

Weight 3.1 ounces
Sizes One
Colors Black


Best Chain Lube


Plant Based Bike Lube

Key Specs

Weight 4 ounces
Sizes 4 ounes
Colors N/A


Best Tire Sealant

Orange Seal

Regular Sealant Refill

Key Specs

Weight 8 ounces, 16 ounces
Size 8 ounces, 16 ounces
Colors N/A


Best Spare Inner Tube


Tubo MTB Plus Tube

Key Specs

Weight 3.8 ounces
Sizes Multiple sizes from 24” to 29” tires
Colors Orange


Best Light Mountain Bike Glove


Covert Glove

Key Specs

Weight N/A
Sizes Women’s: XS-XL; Men’s: XS-XXL
Colors Women’s: Sage Moth, Black; Men’s: Black, Black and Tan, Flare Acid Wash, Cascade Camo, Dig Skull, Ashcroft Camo, Turquoise 2Face