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Wahoo X UCI World Cycling Center Program Lets You Train Virtually & Win Real Life Prizes –

Wahoo Fitness is bridging the gap between virtual and personal training, allowing athletes to peek behind the curtain to see how the world’s best train at the UCI World Cycling Center.

In collaboration with UCI World Cycling Center’s coaches, riders, and staff, Wahoo creates an immersive training experience. The new Wahoo X series, “A Week With the UCI World Cycling Center,” is available to watch and train with the Wahoo SYSTM training platform.

The training experiences cover a multitude of cycling disciplines, including; track, road, mountain bike, and BMX. The series examines what these different athletes do for training and the discipline-specific work needed to succeed at their craft.

Wahoo X UCI World Cycling Center Program

  • UCI World Cycling Center – Tour: Ride and tour the UCI World Cycling Center with its Director, Jacques Landry, where he and others share its mission, stories, and insights into what the center offers.
  • UCI World Cycling Center – Track: Get face-to-face with legendary track coach Craig MacLean at the UCI Velodrome. The workout includes a Scratch race and a series of high-intensity efforts with the track athletes.
  • UCI World Cycling Center – Road: Join the UCI Women’s Continental Team as they take you out on a team time trial up the infamous climb of Torgon, a UCI rite of passage, before finishing up with a race simulation and long descent back home.
  • UCI World Cycling Center – BMX Racing: UCI World Cycling Center Performance Manager Liam Phillips takes riders through an introduction to the sport and five flat-out laps of the track.
  • UCI World Cycling Center – Mountain Bike: riders will join the trails in La Thuile, Italy, with the Mountain Bike Team Coach Charlie Evans and will do two laps of the race course, attempting to master the highly technical features, demanding climbs, and aggressive competitors.

Jacques Landry, UCI World Cycling Center Director, commented: “The A Week with the UCI World Cycling Center series is a great way for the Wahoo X members to get into the daily lives of athletes. These athletes come to us from many parts of the globe to improve their physical and mental development and acquire important technical and tactical knowledge to help them reach their goals in cycling. Participants in this series will be put through the paces of our athletes’ training and racing routines. Get ready to have fun, work hard and learn a lot with our talented riders and staff!”

Wahoo X UCI World Cycling Center Program — How does it work?

Anyone who completes the new Wahoo X UCI World Cycling Center series by Dec 23rd, 2022, will earn the UCI World Cycling Center badge in Wahoo SYSTM. The UCI World Cycling Center will offer exclusive prizes for these dedicated holiday cyclists.

How to sign up

For those looking to train/compete/win in the all-new Wahoo X UCI Cycling Center experience. You’ll need a subscription to the Wahoo X platform (only for those looking to ride). The membership is $14.99 per month, delivering two apps; Wahoo RGT and Wahoo SYSTM.

Wahoo X is available for US$14.99. For more information, visit: