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There is a saying in cycling circles that you’re only going to be as good on the bike as your recovery program. This article aims to discuss this in more detail, providing some clear and practical tips as to how you too can live this mantra and ensure that you have the best recovery in place to keep you cycling at your best.

Why Recovery Matters

Regardless of how well you train and then how much of this training you use in your road riding or any races you may enter, your results are all dependent on how well you have rested and recovered from your last ride. Time off the bike must be interspersed with genuine rest and recovery time to allow the body and mind to return to peak fitness and strength. Recovery is a vital part of any athlete’s overall preparation and planning and it is important to know what such recovery should entail.

What Does Good rider or Cyclist Recovery Look Like?

  • Rest and recuperation: – there can be no recovery without rest and recuperation, and this must be planned and considered from the outset of the ride. Don’t plan another taxing ride or gym session until your body has been able to rest. A good sleep between rides, races, and any strenuous cycling is advised.
  • Stretching and active recovery:- once you’ve been able to sleep and rest, the very next step should be to stretch the muscles that have been used and partake in some active recovery. Stretch, do some weight training, and start to prep the muscles for another go.
  • Correct nutrition and hydration:- the right food and drink are essential for recovery, the muscles need lean protein to develop and strengthen and thorough hydration must be a major part of the recovery plan.

A Few Ideas to Keep in Mind

Here are a few additional aspects of your recovery that you should keep in mind.

You can ride virtually

You can take virtual tours of the routes you intend to ride next as well as even enter a virtual cycling session.

Other non-cycling activities

Keeping your mind calm and engaging in activities and pastimes that are separate from cycling or specific to cycling recovery is one of the greatest ways to just allow the mind, body, and soul to remain calm, keep your recovery on track, and get you ready to ride again. There are several top ideas from the world of cycling and other cyclists out there: –

The online casino games:- these have become increasingly popular and whether it’s just the card games or if it’s the entire range as you can find at casinoroar online casino that you enjoy playing, there will be something for everyone.

Other racing: – if it’s the adrenaline of the race that you’re after, then there are several alternatives available to you that will have nothing to do with riding and cycling. Go-karts, horse racing, motorsport, and more provide for a whole other side of the race.

Cycling recovery periods are not all about sleep and rest. Yes, these are critical elements, but a good recovery program must be unique to yourself. It must, however, as discussed in this article, include a range of activities to genuinely take your mind as well as body off the bike.

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