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4Islands MTB: Unique mountain bike race over 4 Croatian islands – Croatia Week

(Photos: Ivan Sardi)

4Islands MTB race, which is traditionally held on Croatia’s Kvarner islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab, has become part of the Epic series Ironman group

The 4Islands MTB stage race is a five-day staged mountain bike race whose main goal is to promote mountain biking as a recreation, hobby, sport and lifestyle.

This year differs from the previous ones in that the Ironman group bought the Kvarner race and presented “4Islands MTB race” as part of their Epic series along with the other 7 races. Thus, Croatia and Kvarner will stand alongside Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Andorra and South Africa.

(Photo: Samir Ceric Kovacevic)

The additional value of this event is the promotion of the Croatian islands of Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj as cycling destinations and the improvement of cyclo tourism as an alternative form of tourism in Croatia.

(Photo: Ivan Sardi)

The riders will cover 270 kilometers of trails and over 5,000 meters of total altitude in five days. The race takes place every day on a different island, which is a demanding logistics, but also an unforgettable experience of competitors and companions.

(Photo: Vedran Metelko)

It brings together about 600 competitors from more than thirty countries, and thanks to the professional and intensive organization, participants can enjoy the events. 

Thanks to the initiative of the hosts and their pleasant welcome, hard work of the organizing team and great cooperation with partners, the synergy of sports and off-season tourism is achieved in Croatia, which is at its peak, and returning competitors have recognized this for several years. 

(Photo: Ivan Sardi)

The race is held at the beginning of the cycling season, so it is conceptually arranged to extend the tourist season, but also the opening of the cycling season of training and outdoor racing after winter.

It is possible to compete in several categories, thus enabling fair participation of competitors of different age groups and combinations. Racing side by side with the professionals of this sport is something that makes this race, and cycling itself, special. It is an amateur race side by side with professionals that allow the interaction of amateurs and lovers of the sport, and their idols.

(Photo: Ivan Sardi)

The organizer of the project, Tomislav Zobec, revealed to us that the vision of the project is to position 4Islands MTB stage race as one of the most recognizable stage mountain bike races in the world and achieve a sustainable project for the company and the local community.

“We want to promote mountain biking and provide users with a unique bike-riding experience in unique locations and become a race with the world’s strongest names in the sport.”

(Photo: Ivan Sardi)

Ivana Topić, director of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Baška on the island of Krk added.

“We are very happy to participate in such an event because this is another opportunity to position ourselves as an important destination for cycling tourism. Both Baška and the island of Krk, but also the whole of Croatia are still insufficiently discovered pearls for tourists looking for adrenaline, rest and great experiences of the destination. We have just all of that and that is why we are big supporters of such events and I hope that there will be more and more of them. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this beautiful and truly inspiring story.”

(Photo: Ivan Sardi)

It is important to emphasize that every year the trails on all four islands are cleaned and prepared. After the race, they are enjoyed by many walkers, runners and cyclists. Most of the trails that were or are part of the race, today are part of the tourist offer of the island.

4Islands MTB race

PROLOG: Baška, 19.4.2022
STAGE 1: Krk, 20.4.2022
STAGE 2: Rab, 21.04.2022
STAGE 3: Cres, 22.04.2022
STAGE 4: Lošinj, 23.04.2022

(Photo: Ivan Sardi)

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