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Richie Rude Disqualified from EWS Tweed Valley –

Credit: Matt Stuttard // Privateer Bikes

After spending the season battling back and forth with Jack Moir to take the EWS overall title, Richie Rude has been disqualified from the final race in the Tweed Valley of Scotland for riding outside of the course markings, a UCI ruling said. Slawomir Lukasik, the #23 rider who just recently broke into the top five at EWS Crans-Montana, was disqualified for the same mistake.

The two riders rode outside of a set of course marking gates as they approached the stage finish, the communication said, rather than between them. The proper use of course gates is outlined in the EWS rulebook: Gates can be used to clearly mark sections of the course that a rider must pass through. Missing a gate will be deemed as course cutting.

The gates were not taped, and Rude commented on the EWS’s Instagram post suggesting that some course tape would have helped the situation. The markings were admittedly a bit confusing, as a much wider section was taped outside of the gates, apparently to keep spectators off the course rather than to delineate the course itself.

Some breaking news from the Tweed Valley: Richie Rude has been disqualified from the final race of the year after riding outside the course marking during the Pro Stage! The two times champ’s season is over and he won’t be taking the start tomorrow. In a year full of plot twists and turns, this is one we didn’t see coming.—Enduro World Series

Should have gone through the gates, pretty bad mistake by me. It wasn’t clarified to me prior so when I came through that section and saw the tire tracks I went with them (still inside the tape). With one gate taped and not the rest it was hard to follow their idea. It’s unfortunate for Slawomir and I, but I understand it seeing it from their angles. Bummed to not be racing tomorrow.—Richie Rude

First of all I’d like to say that all the rules are clear and I take full responsibility for what happened and I won’t argue. I’m of course devastated that I won’t race and I can’t fight for top 10 in the overall.

Unfortunately in this situation the taping was misleading for me, as the corner before the gate was taped properly that no outside line was possible. It should be done with all of them especially that during yesterday’s trainings the outside gate line was made and clearly noticeable so the organisers had time to fix this misunderstanding.

The decision about disqualification is really hard for me especially that so many people counted on me.—Slawomir Lukasik

Here is a video of the section in question.

The UCI Communique is as follows:

As a result of two riders in the Mens Pro race both leaving the course by riding outside of multiple gates on the approach to the finish gantry ( the correct use of these gates is clearly explained in 0.4.2 Directions and Course Marking in the EWS rule book 2021) the Commissaire Panel has been required to exclude the following riders for breach of 0.6.6 Course Cutting in the EWS Rule Book the clearly sets out disqualification as the penalty for course cutting.

#23 Slawomir Lukasik
#7 Richard Rude

We will update this article as more information becomes available.