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Crash cyclist Josh Quigley sets new Guinness World Record – BBC News

By Angie Brown
BBC Scotland News

image source, Martin Mutch
image captionJosh Quigley finished at 04:00 and told BBC Scotland it had been the “most intense experience” of his life

Crash cyclist Josh Quigley has set a new New Guinness World Record for the greatest distance cycled in a week.

The 29-year old, from Livingston, broke Australian pro-cyclist Jack Thompson’s record by clocking up 2,179.66 miles (3508kms).

He did laps of an 80-mile route between Aberdeen and the Cairngorms, finishing at 04:00.

He told BBC Scotland it had been the “most intense experience” of his life and that he “couldn’t be happier”.

Guinness World Records confirmed the feat on Monday.

image source, Josh Quigley
image captionJosh Quigley was presented with his Guinness World Record certificate

Quigley cycled a daily average of 320 miles and rode 637 miles in the last stretch without sleep.

He told BBC Scotland: “On the last day I couldn’t even remember what challenge I was doing, I was so confused.

“I am really happy to get it finished, it’s such a relief, as it’s been hanging over me and has really dominated my year since my failed attempt in April.”

Quigley was forced to pull out of the record attempt in April after suffering a knee injury on the fourth day.

He said: “I’ve had so much stress and worry about my knees and wondering what happens if they go again.

“It has been a lot of pressure but I had to go for it again. It’s something I’ve always done throughout my cycling career – every time I try something if it doesn’t go to plan the first time I usually try again until I get it so I couldn’t be happier right now.

“It’s been the most intense experience of my life.”

image source, Martin Mutch
image captionJosh Quigley clocking up 2,179.66 miles (3508kms) to beat Australian pro-cyclist Jack Thompson’s record by two miles

Quigley’s attempt came after he was diagnosed with arthritis earlier this year.

Paul Higginson, project manager for the record attempt, told BBC Scotland it was amazing that Quigley suffered no mechanical issues or punctures during the challenge.

He said: “There were no issues with the bike at all. Anything could have been the difference so it was incredible he didn’t get any punctures especially when you see the road works he had to cycle over at the half way point of the loop each time he came round.

“There were thousands on the course throughout the week and a great crowd at the finish line at 04:00. The local community really got behind him, which I know he really appreciated.”

image source, Martin Mutch
image captionQuigley had “tremendous support” from people along the route between Aberdeen and the Cairngorms taking in Peterculter, Banchory, Aboyne, Ballater and Balmoral Castle

“This has been an amazing feat of endurance and the whole team is delighted.”

He added: “The temperature dropped from 15C to 6C on the last night which was hard because it meant we had to dress him to be warmer and that ate time. But thankfully he was still able to get the job done to break the record.”

Quigley broke the record by two miles.

He tried to keep a speed of 18mph for 18 hours a day and did 43 hours on the last days. He did not even stop for toilet breaks.

His team passed him food while he was cycling uphill when he was going slower. He burned 15,000 calories each day during the challenge, which saw him climb 8,000ft a day.

Quigley said it was his biggest challenge to date.

image source, Josh Quigley
image captionJosh Quigley crashed while cycling in Dubai in January

He was knocked from his bike by a vehicle in Texas during a round-the-world-trip in December 2019.

He sustained life-threatening injuries and had operations on a broken heel and ankle, as well as a stent fitted in an artery in his neck, which feeds blood to his brain.

After recovering from his first accident and went on to shave six minutes off the existing record for cycling the North Coast 500 when he completed the Highland route in 31 hours and 17 minutes last September.

In February he had another crash on his bike while travelling at 40mph down a hill in Dubai where he fractured his spine and pelvis in two places and broke his elbow, shoulder and four ribs.

While looking at x-rays of his injuries, doctors discovered that Quigley had arthritis in his hips.

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