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Latrobe Bicycle Race Club life members question assessment of cycling track – The Advocate

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For 126 years the Latrobe Carnival has attracted talent to the region and fostered a love for sport in up-and-coming stars. However, life members of the Latrobe Bicycle Race Club said its future is in doubt following an assessment of the track by AusCycling. Vice president Noel Pearce said the track was assessed by an AusCycling official, without his knowledge, while other tracks involved in the Tasmanian Christmas Carnival series were inspected by a state delegate. “The Latrobe track is comparable with other competition tracks that form part of the carnival series and we fail to understand why Latrobe has been singled out for special assessment”, he said. Mr Pearce said the club were told a fence would need to be erected between the track and the perimeter as a crowd control measure, a restriction on the gears riders could use would be implemented and there would be limits on the number of riders in bunch races. Mr Pearce believes the measures are unnecessary. “It is gut wrenching,” he said. “These are not UCI tracks, they are outside velodromes and there is currently no uniformity at all carnival series sites in relation to fencing. “In normal racing, you rarely see riders crash on the outside of the track as they race close to the measuring line, on the inside of the track. “One can understand how unimpressed someone would be if they are visualising what a Christmas carnival cycling race would be like on this track in its present set up but it is different on carnival day. “My father-in-law who was secretary of this club for 30 odd years would be turning in his grave. “We are a bunch of volunteers who have done this for a long time and have never had an issue like this before.” Life member David Foster OAM said the singling out of Latrobe was a disgrace. “This carnival has been held through wars and depressions and I can’t understand why Latrobe was picked out solely for mainland assessment,” he said. Sports Carnival Association of Tasmania president Duncan Murfet losing the Latrobe carnival was the last thing the association would want. “Obviously the report has made it difficult for the carnival to go ahead, but we will try and work with all the stakeholders to find a way,” he said. AusCycling has been contacted for comment.