Road Cycling

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The intersection of Park and Broad streets in Hartford on March 21, 2021. According to the city’s data, this location has the most pedestrian and bicycle crashes with injuries in Hartford over the last 5.5 years. Right next to the new Park branch of the Hartford Public Library. There is currently no walk signal. (Tony Cherolis photo / All rights reserved)

When I began riding road bicycles as part of my nascent triathlon training, experienced cyclists told me that a bike mishap would be inevitable. I’ve subsequently taken two tumbles off my bike in three decades of riding.

My first ill-fated event occurred 15 years ago when I hit an unknown obstacle – rock, stick, pothole? – that turned my handlebars and sent me flying. A tuck-and-roll saved my head and torso, but my arms and legs gathered road debris as I slid down the pavement. I was shaken but able to ride home, my only ailment a signature case of “road rash.”

My second mishap took place just three months ago while cruising on a flat stretch of road. Comfortable in my aero bars, I put my head down for just a moment. Before I knew it, I heard a crashing sound. That’s about all I can recall. The thing I do remember was sitting on the side of the road after the crash and talking to a good Samaritan who saw the incident and gave me and my bike a ride home.