Track Cycling

Soon, glide unfazed on 5.5-km long cycling track – Times of India

Vadodara: Imagine a day when you can throw worry to the wind and pedal carefree across the city! That day may not be far off for the growing tribe of Barodian cyclists, if the first-of-its-kind cycling track takes shape as planned.
The civic body with the help of BYCS that promotes biking in urban areas across the country is on the drawing board detailing its dreams. Located in one of the busiest areas of the city, the track will start from Akota-Dandia Bazaar over-bridge and go around the Jail Road. Work on making the track has already started and the traffic police too have been involved in the process.
“The city has a large number of cyclists including those who are passionate bikers and many who pedal to work. With an increasing number of vehicles, the space for cyclists is shrinking on the city roads. So a dedicated cycling track is the need of the hour,” said Priyank Shah, chief architect of Vadodara Smart City Development Ltd (VSCDL) who is executing the cycling track project under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Shah along with a group of cyclists did a pilot testing of the 5.5km stretch that is being proposed for the cycling track.
The bikers started from Akota-Dandia Bazaar overbridge and headed towards Dandia Bazaar Crossroads to reach the Jail Road that has open space on both sides.
“We have mapped the entire route along with the impediments that the cyclists may face. There are certain spots where the bikers face the risk due to speeding vehicles. So we have proposed to make a raised platform at such spots,” Shah added.
In fact, the height of bollards on both sides of Akota-Dandia Bazaar Road too have been reduced for the cyclists to glide through. A detailed presentation of the project has been submitted to Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC). “The number of cyclists is going up in the city and we need such dedicated cycling tracks in many areas. The cycling clubs are extending support to the authorities to make dedicated cycling lanes in the city,” said Nimish Mankadia who runs The Cycling Club of Baroda (TCCB).