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Man allegedly smacks 12-year-old boy in the face for cycling on Hougang PCN, tells boy ‘don’t argue with me’ –

One indignant father took to Facebook to share how a man allegedly hit his 12-year-old son while the latter was out cycling.

Taunts boy to call the police

Stanley Tan said his son first encountered the man a week ago on Nov. 13 when he went down to cycle on the park connector around Hougang Ave 8.

Photo from Stanley Tan / FB

Tan’s son was then approached by an elderly man who apparently told him he was not supposed to cycle in that area.

When his son returned to him, Tan told him to reason with the man should he encounter him in the future, and to “stand up for [his] rights”.

On Nov. 20, the son met the same man once again.

In a video filmed by the boy during the encounter, the man can be heard taunting him to “call police”.

Meanwhile, the boy attempted to explain, as Tan said he taught him to, that cycling is allowed on park connectors according to the Land Transport Authority’s regulations.

However, the man asked the boy to “go back”, “turn back” and that he “don’t want to see you here”.

The boy asked: “Who say I can’t ride here?”

The man said: “I say. The government say.”

While the boy tries to mention LTA again, the man interjects and says “don’t argue with me ah”, before a thud is heard and the boy’s speech is cut off.

The man proceeds to ask if the boy is “tak[ing] picture” and apparently swipes the boy’s phone, causing it to drop and the video to go dark.

Allegedly rained blows on the boy

According to Tan, the man had apparently smacked his son in the face during the exchange, and subsequently continued to punch and kick him.

A passer-by nearby went to help the boy, while Tan raced over to stop the man from leaving the scene.

Tan then called the police. The man challenged him to fight as well, Tan added.

Tan said:

“As I hand over my phone to my son. Telling him, come? He dare not move. I may not be very well educated, but at least I am civilise enough to reason things out. If my son is at fault, u beat him. I will definitely agree with u. But not this. When the witness tell the uncle, I see u punching him. You shouldn’t do that. Then suddenly he turn soft and talk nicely to me and apologise to my son.”

Photos he posted showed his son’s injuries from the encounter, including a scrape on his chin.

Photo from Stanley Tan / FB 

In response to Mothership‘s queries, the Police said that they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt along Hougang Ave 8 on Nov. 20 at around 6:45pm.

A 12-year-old boy was conscious while conveyed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Park Connector Network Rules

According to the National Park Board (NParks), cycling is allowed along PCN.

NParks advised cyclists to keep to the left side of the track, ride in single file and avoid weaving along the track.

NParks also reminded cyclists to wear protective cycling gears such as helmet for their own safety.

You can read Tan’s full post here.

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Top photo from Stanley Tan / FB