Sacramento Cyclocross Cancels Series, Plans 3 “Cross Off 2020” Race Weekends – Cyclocross Magazine

The C men were the first to hit the mud, which is a rare thing for cyclocross in California. 2019 Sacramento CX Granite Beach, California. © Jeff Vander Stucken

Although much of the 2020 cyclocross season is canceled, in Sacramento, California’s capital city, there likely will be some cyclocross racing this fall.

The Sacramento Cyclocross Series promoters have canceled the full series that typically comprises eight races, but instead hopes to have three full weekends of racing at three different venues.

Details from the announcement below:

Dear SacCX Family,

We know we’ve been silent recently and that you’re anxious to hear the prognosis for the 2020 Sacramento Cyclocross season. We hope this message brings more good news than you might have expected for cyclocross racing this fall. We have 3 important updates to share with you:

The bad news you probably expected.

We’ll give you the bad news first: Sacramento Cyclocross isn’t going to happen as a traditional eight-race series in 2020. We typically work with 6-8 different venue managers for a Sacramento Cyclocross season, many of which are currently not permitting special events no matter the format. Other venues aren’t giving events the red light, but aren’t offering a green light for permits either. And in today’s climate of uncertainty, we don’t feel it’s right to produce – and charge people for – a full series that likely can’t happen.

The good news you might not have seen coming.

Here’s the good news: We believe we can make cyclocross races happen safely this Fall on a smaller scale. There are some venues willing to work with us; however each comes with its own set of guidelines and expectations, as well as the ability to cancel on us with little notice due to fluid state, county and/or local government orders.

We’re committed to putting on the events that we can as safely as possible, so in lieu of the Sacramento Cyclocross Series, we present to you: Cross Off 2020 races. Each event that we produce will be a stand-alone “pop-up race” with limited field sizes and as little as two weeks’ notice that it’s a go. Here are the tentative dates races may be held (though if other opportunities open up, we’ll jump on them):

  1. October 17, 18 & 31
  2. November 1, 14 & 15
  3. December 12 & 13

See the full announcement on the Clipped In Races website here. The promoters also hint at another exciting announcement that features mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. Stay tuned.

Featured photo: Jeff Vander Stucken