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Southern Colorado cycling community asks drivers to share the road –

COLORADO SPRINGS — During the pandemic, more people are taking up biking, an anecdote from the owner of the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort.

With more bikes on the road avid cyclists want drivers to know it’s the law to share the road.

“It does something to your spirit. It just makes you alive when you’re riding down the path,” Yolanda Garcia, a Colorado Springs cyclist explains why she likes riding bikes.

Here’s a look at car versus bike crashes each year over the last 5 years, according to CSPD just in the city of Colorado Springs.

However, the one deadly crash this year has ripple affected across the community and friends of the man who was killed say crashes with bikes are 100 percent preventable.

“That’s just too many. There should be no reason why we should fear for our lives when we’re out riding our bikes,” Retired LT COL Gary Prater said.

“That bicyclist is a somebody. A husband, a friend, a wife, they are just a person on a bike that happens to be in a place that maybe you feel is inconvenient,” Garcia said.

“I want people to put a face with the people riding a bike and that it’s not only the strong and fearless riding a bike on the road,” a volunteer for Bike Colorado Springs, Cully Radvillas said. “It brings it really close to home and makes you realize, there are some dangerous aspects to sharing the road with cars.”

The bike painted white in the tweet above is a ghostly reminder of someone who has died riding a bike.

This particular bike on Wasatch and San Miguel in the Springs is for Henry Guzman.

Guzman’s friends call him a community-minded cycling advocate.

“Henry’s accident really thinks a little more get in the road that moment of carelessness can change your life,” said Torrie Giffin, the owner of the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort in west Colorado Springs. “Hopefully through their tragedies, other people’s lives can be saved.”

Guzman died doing what he loved but Garcia said, more importantly, he would want to be that example.

“He didn’t have to die,” Garcia said. “If he were here, he’d say ‘give them the business. Tell everybody about the importance of being safe on the road when bicyclists are around.”

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