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Madhya Pradesh: India’s longest cycling track blocked by rubble – Times of India

The cycle track on Hoshangabad road has been dug up for construction work India’s longest cycle track, on Hosh…Read More

BHOPAL: At a time when efforts are afoot to encourage the use of non-motorised public transport due to the corona pandemic, India’s longest cycling track is a picture in contrast.
The cycling track is in dire need of repairs weeks after completion of under construction bridge along Hoshanagabad.
Passage of construction vehicles and dumping of rubble has made the track unusable. It is part of Bhopal smart city’s public bike sharing project and the track 10km, both ways, is India’s longest cycling track.
The issue is located near Ahmedpur crossing, where much of the track was dismantled to allow movement of construction vehicles and later dumping of rubble linked to Bawardiya flyover. “We are aware of the situation. It is the bridge construction agency which should take care of the repairs. Cycle track would be relaid,” said a senior official of Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL).
The cycle track follows parallel to the BRTS lane. It is a modern track with room for underground cabling and stormwater drainage system. The construction work has demolished most of the underground system, too. The underground system was supposed to be a revenue earner for the BMC and BSCDCL, as proposed in the BRTS plan of 2010.
Bhopal launched India’s first PBS (public bike sharing) system that requires zero manpower for giving out bicycles on rent in 2017. Capital cost of PBS was only Rs2.95 crore, compared to Rs350 plus crore invested in BRTS and proposed Rs9,000 crore for metro rail phase-I for Bhopal.