New Products Revealed: Kora, Camelbak, PDW and Endura – Cyclocross Magazine

With the absence of major bike shows in the past 12 months, the bike industry has become creative with the introduction of new products. Without shows and media launches, brands and PR firms have, like many people able to work from home, turned to virtual meetings in an attempt to reach a wider audience.

Cyclocross Magazine recently attended a virtual presentation from Echos Communications, one such PR firm that represents several major outdoor brands. Within the two-day event, we previewed and virtually discussed new products from some familiar brands as well as some companies less familiar to us. It was odd not but able to touch, let alone test, any of the mentioned products, but these are unusual, pandemic times.

Here are some of the items we found to be interesting. We will have hands-on reviews of some of the products shortly. [While companies paid to participate in the event, just as with expos like Sea Otter and Interbike, media received no compensation to attend or cover the products.]

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Camelbak, known for hydration backpacks, is constantly developing and improving its line of hydration products. In our experience, most cyclocross and gravel riders dislike wearing a backpack for training, racing, or even riding. Gravel and adventure riding has changed hydration needs. Sometimes the rides are long and remote without reliable water replenishment. Water hip packs, vests, belts, and improved bottles are all part of the selection.

Of interest to the traditionalist is the improved Dirt Series bottle. The previous version uses Camelbak’s one-way valve and has a rubber cap to keep the mouthpiece and valve clean. The mouthpiece was difficult to disassemble and became funky.

The new Camelbak Podium Chill Dirt Series bottle (left) is streamlined. © Cyclocross Magazine

Camelbak redesigned the valve assembly to allow easier cleaning and re-assembly. We love mud, but don’t love drinking it. Stay tuned for our impressions on the update.

Camelbak Podium bottle mouthpiece disassembles easily for cleaning. © Cyclocross Magazine

The older design already was one of our faves, and made our recent gift guide list.

The new Camelbak Podium bottle top is shorter and flatter. © Cyclocross Magazine

Camelbak has some interesting means to carry extra gear without a backpack. The Stash Belt is when you just need a few extra pockets to carry essentials for a longer ride.

Camelbak Stash Belt is thin and adds storage pockets for essentials. © Cyclocross Magazine

It has enough space to more than double your jersey pocket capacity and fits close to the body under your jersey.

The Camelbak Stash Belt is has a pull-on fit: no buckle or fastener. © Cyclocross Magazine

Camelbak Stash Belt is thin enough to fit under your jersey. It adds extra pockets. © Cyclocross Magazine

If you need to carry just a bit more than that, and that one extra bottle, the Camelbak Podium Flow Belt may be the ticket.

Camelbak Podium Flow Belt adds extra water and storage for your ride. © Cyclocross Magazine

Fanny packs are in and the Podium Flow holds your valuables inside.

Camelbak Podium Flow Belt has a compartmental organization. Holds 2L. © Cyclocross Magazine

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