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Tahoe spring mountain biking tips – Tahoe Weekly

Riding the Armstrong Connector Trail. | Courtesy TAMBA

The Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association is urging Tahoe mountain bikers to practice spring mountain biking tips while maintaining COVID-19 guidelines.

“Even though the trails in Tahoe are still covered in snow, we know everyone wants to get out and ride soon,” writes TAMBA in a press release. “However, COVID-19 put some restrictions on how we operate to maintain the trails, we can all do our part to help protect them. Remember, all non-essential travel to and from Tahoe is banned through at least April 30. Let’s stay hunkered down close to home to weather this storm so we can all ride together soon.”

Here are some tips to keep local trails in shape this spring:

  • Trailheads and parking areas are closed in most locations. If you go out, ride from home.
  • Avoid trails that you know are going to be muddy. In the spring, that often means avoiding north-facing trails that don’t get much sun or those that have more clay in the soil. Try and stick to sandy trails.
  • If you do come across section of trail with standing water or mud, don’t ride around it on vegetation but ride through it. If everyone rides around it, the trail footprint gets wider and makes more trail for us to maintain.
  • If we’re getting a hard freeze at night, get out riding early before the trails have thawed and become muddy.
  • If a tree is down, please report it by emailing a photo and details to [email protected]. Carry your bike over it rather than make a temporary social trail around it. This just magnifies the work our volunteers have to do when they clear the down tree since they’ll also have to naturalize the social trails.
  • Participate in TAMBA’s Trail Maintenance Reporting Competition. |