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Youth Cycling Company Urges Families to “Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Active” – 9&10 News

Traverse City-based cycling company, Norte, is known for its outdoor advocacy and youth programs. Right now they are urging Photo Of Woman Wearing Pink Sports Shoes Walking 1556710 (1)families to “Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Active – Responsibly” and reminding them that the “Outside is Not Canceled”.

Due to the popularity of their latest family-friendly challenge, they doing another round of their 20-Mile Family Walk that gets families off the couch and outdoors.

The benefit – families get to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and… maybe win a prize for completing the challenge.

This activity is free and uses an app to keep track of the walks.

For more information about Norte and their 20-Mile Family Walk Challenge click here.

For more information about Norte and their initiatives click here.

To download the app needed to participate in the challenge click here.

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