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Letter to the editor: Seniors are an untapped resource during this crisis – Summit Daily News

I am writing to you as one of your hardy seniors. Our senior friends continue to skin up mountains and ski down them just to do it again. They and we look forward to mountain biking on challenging county trails, running our wild rivers and hiking the remaining 14ers on our bucket lists.

We are the lucky ones. We have the health to endure the High Country’s challenges, and we have enough money to rise to the challenges of the county’s hard times.

You may call us senior citizens, but we once held valuable positions and helped to make the world a better place: doctors, lawyers, government officials, financial advisers, scientists, etc. 

In this uncertain time,
politics, albeit critical, will necessarily take a background to the immediate needs of protective equipment for health care workers, identification of COVID-19, prevention of untoward deaths, prevention and curtailment of this global and very real local health issue.

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