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IMBA Announces New ‘Dig In’ Fundraising Platform, With Shimano Matching Dollars Raised –

IMBA is launching a new program called Dig In today to help raise money for trails across the United States via crowd-sourced fundraising online. The money that is raised through the online platform will be matched by the program’s founding partner, Shimano.

Grassroots mountain bike advocacy and stewardship organizations that are a part of IMBA Local will be able to fill out an application and submit it to the review team within IMBA. From those applications, the team at IMBA will choose up to 15 projects each quarter that they help market on their site. Once those projects reach their initial $1000 of crowd-sourced fundraising online, IMBA and Shimano will match the amount raised.

bigquotes We did a pilot campaign for Dig In back in 2017 where we did one quarter of fundraising. We raised somewhere around $150,000 for almost 70 projects around the country. What we want to do is have that run year-round. Every quarter there will be a new set of projects and we’ll keep projects going until we run out of funds. We’ll probably do anywhere between 10 and 15 projects per quarter but it depends on the funding that we have and if any other partners come on board. For Quarter 3, we’re going to do 10 projects.

Shimano stepped up and really gave us a good start to the program. They’ve helped us build out the remaining portions of the program and provided us with the remaining resources that we needed to get it launched. It gave us the opportunity to expand a bit on what Dig In used to be and what we’d actually we’d envisioned it to be, not only in terms of monetary support for projects but the support that we could provide to those local partners during and after the fundraising period. Hopefully, we can have other funders come on board but Shimano has been a huge partner in this and has done a ton for us to make sure that the program is launched and successful.—Anthony Duncan, IMBA Director of Local Programs

bigquotes We wanted to support a program that could bring more trails to more places and this seemed like a really good way to do that. This program seemed to be the one that could reach out to the community at large and be a means to help make more trails connect across the country.—Dustin Brady, Bike Marketing Manager at Shimano

Shimano didn’t want to talk dollar amounts like Santa Cruz did in their Pay Dirt announcement earlier this year, however there are some parallels between the two programs. “We don’t want it to be about what we donated. We just want it to be about the program and what it does,” said Brady.

bigquotes We’re excited to see the industry be proactive in the work that local organizations are doing and Shimano, much like Santa Cruz Bikes, wants to see more trails close to home and are making efforts to see that happen.—Anthony Duncan, IMBA Director of Local

For now, the Dig In program is only available in the United States, but Duncan said they are working on solutions to see how they can make some of the things they’re doing in the States work internationally.

While Shimano realizes there are many people who can’t ride on their local trails right now, they hope that the announcement helps spread stoke during this difficult time and that flowing trails and high fives await people when we make it through.

bigquotes There’s no mountain biking without trails. I’m not saying anything revolutionary, but it’s true. We have our part to do. While some people don’t see a lot of what we do, this is one thing we’re excited to put out there. We really wanted to go to more places. Some people can make a lot out of a little and this allows those people to be supported as well.—Dustin Brady, Bike Marketing Manager at Shimano

IRVINE, Calif. (April 3, 2020) – Shimano today announced the expansion of its longstanding commitment to global mountain bike advocacy by growing its support for the International Mountain Bike Association’s (IMBA) efforts. In addition to its ongoing partnership and working relationship with IMBA, Shimano will become the Founding Sponsor of IMBA’s Dig In program through a multi-year donation to fund the creation of new mountain bike trail projects.

Also today, Shimano released its Shimano Originals video feature, “Shape Your World,” that celebrates mountain bike trail builders. The video showcases their efforts to create and sustain places to ride and make their mark on the sport.

“Shimano understands that we all must play a part in contributing to the future of the sport of mountain biking and for decades we’ve created partnerships and efforts to make a difference globally,” said Nolan Moser, Vice President, Bicycle Division from Shimano North American Bicycle, Inc. “We’re excited to grow our support for IMBA at the ground level with the Dig In program as it will support local trail projects being planned or currently underway in a variety of locations serving a diverse group of riders.”

IMBA recognizes that all trails are local, and many great places to ride mountain bikes owe their existence to the tireless efforts of IMBA Local Partner organizations. IMBA wants to strengthen its collaboration with local partners to put as much money toward local projects as possible. Dig In will provide a new avenue to raise funds for mountain bike projects through crowd-sourced contributions and matching industry donations.

“Our Dig In Campaign will be a fresh take on IMBA’s traditional ways of providing funds. Bridging the gap between national and local fundraising efforts will put more trails in more places, more quickly, to grow the number of mountain bike trail communities. When everyone has access to great trails, people, communities and economies benefit,” said Dave Wiens, IMBA Executive Director.

The inaugural round of Dig In projects will launch on July 1st, 2020 and run year-round. Projects will be refreshed quarterly. IMBA Local Partner organizations will be able to submit project applications beginning May 1st. Funds may be used to support trail construction, trail access efforts, trail assessment, trail plan creation or trail maintenance. To stay in touch on Dig In and support projects near you, visit