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CycleCast best biking apps and cycling apps Android
Cycling is a popular fitness activity. It’s also something many of us have done since we were kids. You hop on a bike and ride it out. There are a variety of reasons people bike or cycle. They may want to explore the area around them with a method faster than walking. Alternatively, people might just want to lose a few pounds. Whatever the reason, cycling is good for you and there are a ton of places to do it. Here are the best cycling apps and biking apps for Android!

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Price: Free trial / $9.99 per month / $89.99 per year

CycleCast is one of the more unique cycling apps. It’s basically a database of workouts for people with stationary bikes at home. The app features over 800 indoor cycling workouts and each one comes with motivational quotes from instructors as well as music. You simply choose your instructor and the length of your workout. After that, the workout plays and you follow along. The app also competes favorably with Motosumo and Peloton, two similar apps for indoor running, cycling, and yoga workouts. You can go with any one of the three.


CycleCast screenshot 2020


Price: Free / in-app purchases / $59.99 per year

Komoot is an excellent app for hikers, mountain bikers, road cyclists, and other, similar outdoor activities. It’s a navigation app at its core. You download a region, plan a route, and then bike, walk, or run that route. You can download various regions for various prices, hence the in-app purchases. However, the app is otherwise quite easy to use. You can download maps for offline use with single purchases or get constant access with the yearly subscription. You can use the app for free in limited capacity as well.


Kudo Coach

Price: Free / $5.99 per month / $54.99 per year

Kudo Coach is another trainer app for cyclists. This one builds personalized training regimens for cyclists. It should work for beginners, intermediates, and some advanced cyclists. The app monitors your heart rate and adjusts your cycling regimens accordingly. In short, if the app doesn’t see you sweating it out, it makes you work harder and switches things up on a weekly basis. It also keeps stats for your convenience. The app is free in a limited capacity and you unlock all of the features with a monthly or annual subscription.


Kudo Coach screenshot

Map My Ride

Price: Free / $5.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Map My Ride does what the name says. The app lets you map out your cycling routes and keep track of where you’ve been. The app also works for walkers, runners, and hikers as well. It’s easy enough to use. You track your various biking runs, see your stats, and adjust your workouts or routes accordingly. Plus, the app has a ton of support for third party gadgets such as Under Armour’s connected shoes, Wear OS, Garmin gadgets, Fitbit trackers, Jawbone trackers, and more. Those who subscribe should consider the yearly subscription because it is a vastly better bargain than the monthly one.


Map My Ride screenshot 2020


Price: Free / $5.99 per month / $59.99 per year

Strava is an excellent app for both runners and bikers. It works a lot like Map My Ride. You record and track your routes, see stats about your various routes, and set challenges for yourself. The app tracks things like distance, cycle speed, elevation gained, and calories burned (estimated). There are also some social features, including a Clubs feature where you can get motivation from your fellow fitness enthusiasts. We especially like the support for indoor cycling since not everybody actually leaves their house to bike. The subscription service is relatively reasonable as well.


Strava screenshot 2020

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Price: Free

Trailforks is a mountain biking app. It has a catalog of over 150,000 biking trails from all over the world. The app uses crowd sourcing so you can contribute your routes as well if you want to. Some of the app’s features include offline trail maps, GPS location support, elevation profiles, a bunch of information about the various routes, and even some social features like a shareable ride log. We also didn’t run into any surprise in-app purchases in our testing so this is a great mountain biking app for those on a budget.


Trailforks screenshot


Price: Free / $19.95 per month / $189 per year

TrainerRoad is an up and coming cycling app. This one focuses purely on cycling without any other types of workouts getting in the way. It features a library of over 1,000 structured workouts, each one calibrated to your fitness level. Plus, you get over 100 cycling and triathlon training plans, support for outdoor cycling, and a bunch of other features. Of course, all those features come at a price and TrainerRoad is one of the most expensive cycling apps on the list. We only recommend this one to people who are very serious about cycling fitness. Otherwise we recommend one of the cheaper options.


TrainerRoad screenshot


Price: Free / $19.95 per month / $119 per year

TrainingPeaks is another excellent cycling log app and it includes a bunch of neat features. You get the ability to log your rides, keep track of daily stats, and even record post workout comments to keep track of various things like tiredness level. The app also tracks power, speed, distance, and other metrics. There are some more hardcore features like heart rate monitor support, GPS location support, and the ability to plan your workouts over a longer period of time. The free version of this app works fine for some basic stuff. However, this one is also right up there with TrainerRoad as one of the most expensive options on the list.


TrainingPeaks screenshot

Zeopoxa Cycling

Price: Free

Zeopoxa Cycling is a simple cycling tracker. You can track your route, your burned calories, distance, and more. Additionally, there is a feature to set various goals for yourself. This one isn’t as powerful or as complete as many of its competitors. However, this one is also entirely free so we don’t expect anything quite so in-depth here. The app uses GPS location to monitor progress, requires no log-ins, and requires no fitness accessories. You simply open it, fit in some data, get on the bike, and go. This is a great option for folks who don’t mind a more manual approach and want to save a few bucks in the process.


Zeopoxa Cycling screenshot


Price: Free / Varies

Zwift is kind of our diamond in the rough pick. It works a lot like Zombies, Run but for cyclists. It basically turns the act of indoor cycling into a video game to make it more engaging. The app has a bunch of programs to bike through and it honestly adds a bit of extra depth. The online shop includes a bunch of merch and even approved trainers from established brands like Wahoo. The main app is a little sloppy for how much this costs. However, Zwift’s companion app is actually really good.


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