Mountain Biking

Fat tire biking keeps people active all year round – WSAW

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)– To stay active in the winter time, many are turning to fat tire biking to get their fix.

Fatbike (also called fat bike or fat-tire bike) – Cycling on large wheels. Teen rides a bicycle through the snow mountains in the background.

This easy outdoor activity acts as a great alternative to skiing and snow-shoeing as so many do in the colder months.

Fat bikes are designed to ride in snow. With tires nearly twice the size of a mountain bike, it allows for more traction in dirt and snow. Since they are wider, you won’t need as much pressure inside the wheel, like a typical bike. Treks Bicycle of Wausau Store Manager John Nowaczyk said fat tire biking is a great activity some someone of any age.

“It’s easy. If you can’t go out skiing because the trails are closed, the fat bike trails are probably open. Or you can just go ride around town and the snowy slushy roads don’t really matter,” Nowaczyk said.

In Marathon County, local mountain bike clubs work hard to groom several trails for fat tire biking in the winter months. Some popular spots to ride in north-central Wisconsin are in Sunny Vale Park and Greenwood Hills Country Club in Wausau, Big Eau Pleine County Park in Mosinee, and Prairie Dells in Irma.

While December is usually the best month for fat tire biking, the recent warmer weather has caused issues for trails. As of now, they are closed for maintenance but should re-open once things get colder.