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RGT Cycling launches free indoor training app | Could it rival Zwift? –

RGT Cycling (which stands for Road Grand Tours) first announced a virtual cycling simulator that promised to rival Zwift back in July 2018 and it’s now unleashed a brand new app that is free to use.

With realistic graphics, structured workouts, and the ability to ride on any road imaginable (in the subscription model), RGT claims its platform will challenge Zwift.

RGT Cycling features

The simulator, which has been four years in the making, requires two apps to run (one for mobile, one for your screen) and comes with a whole host of features.

Among them are structured workouts and training plans devised by professional coaches, and an e-racing feature to help you feel like a pro in your own home.

Its most innovative and exciting feature though has to be what it calls Magic Roads.

This allows you to upload any GPX file to be converted into a virtual course. It promises to include all twists, turns and gradient changes, and essentially allows you to take a virtual spin anywhere in the world. 

RGT Cycling footage

RGT Cycling promises the most immersive and realistic indoor training so far.
RGT Cycling

Realism played a big part in the design of the app. RGT Cycling claims to have conducted extensive research into rider movement, drafting and braking, which reportedly results in the incorporation of real physics into the ride experience. 

There are eight real-world courses included, open to all, regardless of whether or not you have a paid subscription.

Among these, you can climb the Cap de Formentor, Paterberg and Stelvio Pass, or adventure across the white roads of Italy.

Indoor cycling for everyone

RGT Cycling has maintained from the beginning that it is committed to making indoor cycling accessible to everyone. Its founder and CEO, Alex Serban, said: “technology can definitely help us be fitter and give us new ways to enjoy cycling. Everyone should have access to that”.

On the back of Strava’s 2019 annual report, which claimed a 36 per cent increase in uploaded indoor rides, the market definitely seems to be growing for this type of training, and making it available for free is the cherry atop the proverbial cake.

It’s not all free, of course, but there are a decent amount of features available on the ‘freemium’ subscription. These include access to real roads, an open riding mode, the ability to join events and the use of the TrainingPeaks function. 

For serious trainers, there’s a premium option also available. This gives you the Magic Road function, along with access to the full Structured Workouts Library and the Workout of the Day Library.

On top of this, you can create and host events in both the standard mode and Magic Road.

Monthly premium membership costs £12.99 / €14.99 / $14.99 and you can sign up directly through the website.