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Cyclists Peddling Erie Velodrome To Last-Minute Investors – CBS Denver

ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) – A unique bicycle race track, known as a velodrome, could be in its final days. The Boulder Valley Velodrome is one of only 20 tracks of its kind in the United States, according to some who frequent the track. However, the property owners have reached an agreement with a potential buyer who may flatten the track for development.

“It currently has a buyer. Somebody who is going to tear down the velodrome,” said Cari Higgins, an award winning cyclist and advocate for saving the velodrome.

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Higgins said the owners love the track, but are at a time in their lives where they need to sell the property. The property, which is zoned recreational, was recently placed under contract. However, a “hail Mary” clause allows the community to regain control of the property for a firm price of $1.7 million, more than the current agreed-upon sale price.

“We are in the 11th hour,” Higgins told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas. “Our deadline was tomorrow (December 15).”

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Higgins said the deadline was extended through January of 2020. Now, she is on a mission to find investors to help save the velodrome. She said the venue is profitable, and would make for a good investment for someone looking to keep the velodrome while also letting the land value increase.

“It is such a commodity to our community,” Higgins said.

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Higgins was hoping a major investor would front the cash and purchase the property. However, if that does not happen, she hoped to find investors looking to pledge at least $100,000 each to save the property. She told CBS4 there were some interested investors who already pledged.

The property is surrounded by homes, a church and businesses. The only other velodrome in the state is located in Colorado Springs as part of the US Olympic properties. Though there are few venues of the type in the country, Higgins said the velodrome would serve as a major asset to the country’s mission to win medals.

“I don’t think it is just Boulder (County), or Colorado, that will be at a loss. The U.S. as a whole will be at a loss,” Higgins said. “Track cycling in the US is the one who brings home the most medals. It would be such a shame to see all the hard work, all the passion, all the time, all the money be just torn down for some investment project.”

(credit: CBS)

Those interested in more information are welcomed to a Q&A that is scheduled for December 22nd.