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Sweden’s Monthly Bike Bash: November – Red Bull

So, it’s November and things have definitely slowed down a notch in the MTB world. But with that said, there’s still been plenty of cool bike happenings over the last month – there’s been the release of the most exciting Swedish MTB trailer in forever, World Champs in Freestyle BMX has gone down, it’s been the “official” start of Swedish winter training, and the skatepark season is finally here (and the Swedes are getting on it!). And not to forget, the internet seems to have been invaded by trail dogs!

Here’s the roundup of November’s best, weirdest and most awesome bike happenings:

First-ever Swedish MTB film trailer is out

A fully-fledged riding film with some of the biggest names in Swedish mountain biking is coming this winter. The Niklas Wallner documentary is set to be released on the 18th of January 2020 and we’re really freaking excited!

Swede goes flying at World Champs in BMX Freestyle

One of Sweden’s best BMX freestylers Jacob Nedler competed in the World Championship in China at the beginning of November. He made it all the way to semifinals and finished in a very respectable 21st place.

First-ever all Swedish women elite team to Cape Epic

Another cool thing to hit the web in November was the news about a first-ever Swedish women elit team getting a wildcard entry to next year’s Cape Epic. Big Swedish names like Jenny Rissveds and Jennie Stenerhag have competed in the race before, but Hanna Näslund and Ingrid Kjellström will be the first all-Swedish women team to race in the famous multi-day XC competition.

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Ida Jansson officially opens the slushy winter training season

Ida Jansson shows the world what a day of Swedish winter training looks like in her latest edit. It might seem cold and horrible, but who doesn’t like coming back from a sweaty winter ride with red cheeks, cold feet and a big smile?

Read more about Ida’s winter training here: “Ida Jansson on what it takes to be a Swedish MTB rider”

Giggle Fest galore

Swedish Enduro Champion Linn Olstam knows how to have fun on a bike. This compilation of crashes, giggles and riding is what every grey November day needs!

And huck of the month goes to…

Canadian rider Max Grayston for hitting this huge sketchy drop in North Van.

Big interview with Rissveds in Swedish newspaper

Jenny Rissveds talk about the emotional journey back from depression in hope to help others, in one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers.

Read the interview here: DN

Snow sessions

It’s the time of the year… Bring your shovels. Put on your studded tyres. Let’s keep shredding.

This trail dog is cooler than yours!

Is this dog every mountain bikers dream?

The month of trail dogs?

Talking about trail dogs. There’s been an invasion of them this November. It feels like every edit has had some kind of fluffy, stoked, four-legged riding partner in it.

Here are two edits that might have you googling your nearest kennel before you know it.

The Scandis are moving inside…

Which means we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of these rad indoor skate park clips in the next few months.

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