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Just in time for fall and winter racing, Michigan-based cycling company rolled out a full collection of cyclocross training tools designed to support the privateer racer.

With a full line-up of stainless steel storage, tools and travel accessories, it’s the first time has focused on products that move beyond the garage and maintenance. Made in the USA, the team’s packable Portable Barriers, sturdy Flandrien Barriers and the new Pit Box, a nifty device to store spares and your pit bike at a race.

The Portable Barrier and Pit Box are two new products from Portable Barrier, Flandrien Barrier and Pit Box. ©

“The new line-up is really a result of a passion for the sport. We spend the weekend at the Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross last year and just totally caught the bug,” lead designer Dan Ellis said.

“We’ve spent a lot of our spare time over the past year thinking about the little things that make the whole cyclocross experience easier. From a place to train to a helping hand in the pits, we’ve sort of solved a few headaches]. It’s a sport that’s all about the little things, that extra attention to detail.”

The Portable Barrier was’s first product. Portable Barrier, Flandrien Barrier and Pit Box. ©

The Portable Barriers caught fire earlier this year after Ellen Noble was spotted practicing with a set on Instagram. cut, etched and painted Ellen her own barriers and quickly received requests for more pink #bunnyhopthepatriarchy barriers within hours of her post.

“Ellen has always been one of our favorites because she’s a rider that gets that all of this is about more than just the bike. We’ve got kids, we’ve got daughters and Ellen is the sort of athlete we want them to look up to,” explained owner Michael DeBruyn. built on their Portable Barrier success with the Flandrien Barriers, a more sturdy, heavy-duty set of barriers designed to work on race day or as a more permanent option. Like the Portable Barriers, the Flandrien Barriers offer three different UCI-legal heights to hop and a unique etching on the side.

The Flandrien Barriers are a new addition to the lineup. Portable Barrier, Flandrien Barrier and Pit Box. ©

Additionally, the new Pit Box debuted this October. Before a race, Dan recently surveyed the pits and realized how hard it was to spot his spare bike from dozens of others laid down in the grass. The Pit Box double as a stash for odds and ends, plus as a bike stand so your bike is easy to spot and easy to grab.

The Pit Box is designed to carry your stuff on race day and hold your bike upright for cleaning. Portable Barrier, Flandrien Barrier and Pit Box. ©

Expect to see plenty more new cyclocross items, as well as unique storage solutions at is a family-owned, cyclist-driven company based in Traverse City, Michigan. We design stainless steel mounts, tools and accessories to organize your cycling life and raise your gear. Less looking means more riding!

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