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Cyclocross racers might be the hardest on cycling clothing, and too often we’re limited to garments designed for roadies. The harsh conditions and repeated contact with our bikes while running typically result in a premature end to expensive cycling garments.

Sure, we’ve seen Simon Burney’s Schlamm cyclocross brand come and go, and a few cyclocross items from Rapha over the years, but there’s not a lot out there built to survive cyclocross abuse and conditions.

Two-time Canadian Cyclocross Champion Mike Garrigan was frustrated by the limited options for ’cross racers and went to the drawing board to design something better.

The end result? Garrigan now has a jacket, warm-up tights and a racing suit all designed specifically for cyclocross, and offered under his new brand, LASTIG.

The LASTIG Jacket features water and mud protection on the pockets, a generous mud flap, and a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) coating.

What’s behind the name? Garrigan explained it’s a Flemish term “that roughly translates to mean difficult, challenging, crazy or a bit nuts.” That pretty much sums up cyclocross, right?

Mike Garrigan’s LASTIG brand offers up cyclocross-specific tights, jackets and a race suit built for cyclocross conditions.

Garrigan is launching the brand and line of European handmade clothing through a Kickstarter campaign.

LASTIG has limited quantities of early-bird priced items as part of its campaign.

Mike Garrigan’s LASTIG brand offers up a cyclocross-specific jacket that features low-bulk sleeves for bike shouldering, forearm pull tabs, a taller collar and DWR coating.

With only as few as 10 items per Kickstarter early bird package and pricing that starts at $120, you might have to hurry to get one while they “lastig.”

They could also be the perfect (belated) holiday gift for the cyclocrosser in your life.  Stay tuned for a winter review…although backers will get their items first.

See the official announcement below, along with the introductory video.

LASTIG – The Cyclocross Brand announces the launch of its cyclocross-specific performance cycling clothing line, including cyclocross warmup tights and jacket, and a race suit.  Our performance clothing was designed specifically for the extreme conditions of our brutal sport. Production will start in December 2019, following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Mike Garrigan’s LASTIG brand offers up cyclocross-specific tights, jackets and a race suit all designed to keep you comfortable in cyclocross conditions.

Packed with cyclocross-specific features, our clothing was created for racing and training in mud, rain, snow, ice and heat, with quick outfit changes, mounts/dismounts, running and bike shouldering.

LASTIG’s founder, Mike Garrigan, is a former Elite cyclocross racer and now coach who hacked and tweaked his own clothing for years before teaming up with a high-performance cycling clothing manufacturer in Europe.

Mike Garrigan’s LASTIG brand offers up cyclocross-specific tights, jackets and a race suit.

He has designed and tested his products with Elite racers to create warmup tights and a jacket you will actually love.

LASTIG’s Kickstarter campaign is up and running through November 21. See all product imagery and product features on LASTIG’s Kickstarter page.

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