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Tart Trails ‘Skillz Loop’ Perfect for New Mountain Biking Riders – 9&10 News

Tart Trails unveiled a new mountain biking course in Traverse City on Sunday.

It is perfect for beginner riders and children.

The “Skillz Loop” gives newbies a place to practice before moving to bigger trails.

The first two miles of the route was completed this fall.

It features bumps, berms and jumps that are meant to be ridden repeatedly to learn how to handle a mountain bike.

The loop gets progressively more difficult as you go on.

Tart Trails celebrated the soft opening of the route at the Vasa trailhead this afternoon.

Tart says the new single track is a unique addition to the variety of trails in the region.

“It’s really marked with signage for kids and families who just want to go and try a mile loop and see what that feels like,” says Tart Trial Communication Director Brian Beauchamp.

“It’s safe, it’s contained, [so] you can keep an eye on things.”

11-year-old Crosley Robinson said “It gets them used to like going over more technical stuff there’s like a beginner, intermediate and advanced loop back there.  It’s really fun.”

Tart will be adding one more mile to the loop this spring.