Time Cyclo gravel and cyclocross pedal | lightweight gravel pedal –

Time will release a new range of pedals on 25 November that are specifically designed with the needs of gravel, cyclocross and touring cyclists in mind.

The three-model line-up, known as Cyclo, aims to combine the performance of a road pedal with the functionality of its mountain bike cousins.

The Cyclo range brings together two of Time’s existing technologies by redesigning its springless IClic system to work with its ATAC mountain bike cleats.

Time claims that this combination creates a pedal that provides power transfer as good as the road equivalent, but with a cleat that’s easy to walk on. The cleats work with standard two-bolt mountain bike shoes.

The IClic system has been around for quite a while, but hasn’t featured on any off-road pedals until now. We’ve tested several road models, such as the Xpresso 10, that use the IClic retention system – which utilises a tensioned carbon leaf spring rather than the more usual steel spring – and while we’ve been impressed with its fast and smooth cleat entry and release, premature contact-point wear has been a concern in the past.

The new range consists of three pedals, all of which share a Q-factor of 53mm, a contact surface area of 1,090mm², angular freedom of ± 5 degrees and lateral freedom of ± 2.5mm.

Time Cyclo 10 gravel/cyclocross pedal

Time Cyclo 10 gravel pedal

The 10 is the top-end pedal in the Cyclo range.

The top-specced pedal in the range weighs in at a claimed 128g, which is 29g heavier than Time’s similarly priced Xpresso IClic road pedal.

The Cyclo 10 has a carbon body with a metal sheet on the platform to limit wear. A micro-adjustment system allows you to fine-tune the tension of the sprung carbon leaf to your liking, while everything spins on a lightweight steel axle.

RRP is £106.99 / €119.99.

Time Cyclo 6 gravel/cyclocross pedal

Time Cyclo 6 pedal

The 6 gains a little weight over the 10.

The next pedal in the Cyclo hierarchy weighs a claimed 129g, and has essentially the same build and features as its slightly swankier stablemate, but instead of a carbon body it sports a composite version.

The price is far more competitive at £80.24 / €89.99.

Time Cyclo 2 gravel/cyclocross pedal

Time Cyclo 2 pedal

The Cyclo 2 rounds out the range.

The most wallet-friendly pedal in the range weighs a claimed 145g. The Cyclo 2 has the same composite body as the Cyclo 6, but lacks the micro-adjustment tensioning system found on the other two pedals.

RRP is £53.49/€59.99.