Mountain Biking

Video: Bear Chases Mountain Bikers for 1km on Mount Seymour –

“Go, go, go! No, no, no! – We’ve gotta stay together!”

Brad Martyn and a couple friends were riding down the TNT trail on Vancouver’s North Shore when a black bear decided it wanted to join in for over a kilometer of the ride. They caught the tailgater and the chase on camera.

Given the repeated sightings of the black bear on the western flank of Mount Seymour, and his interest in mountain bikers, the North Shore Mountain Bike Association is asking riders to choose a different spot to ride for a bit.

bigquotes We’ve got a lot of trails on the Shore, hopefully riders can plan around this area and give this bear some space for a bit. Bears were here first.—NSMBA President Cooper Quinn

For more info on how to behave and safely coexist with these creatures, please have a look at this website.