Montana Cross Camp: Lizzy Gunsalus is Up for the Challenge of UCI Racing – Cyclocross Magazine

Massachusetts’ Lizzy Gunsalus (Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld) has been a rider to watch in the New England scene for a number of years now. She is also a young athlete not afraid to back down from a challenge.

After winning most of her Cat 2/3 races during the 2017 season at racing age 15, Gunsalus decided to jump into the Men’s Cat 3 race at the SuperCross Cup that fall. Then last year, she spent most of the Vittoria Series racing the Cat 3 Men’s series at just 16.

“I’m just so excited because this past cyclocross season I didn’t race with the Cat 3 Women, I raced with the Cat 3 Men,” Gunsalus said. “That was so hard, but I learned a lot from it. No Cat 3 man is going to show you any mercy.”

Lizzy Gunsalus rode the Sven Hill again in 2019. 2019 Women’s MontanaCrossCamp, Thursday. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

Like a number of her Montana Cross Camp colleagues, the Junior in high school is also graduating to the Junior 17-18 category for cyclocross, meaning Gunsalus can race against her peers. She kicks off her season this weekend at Rochester Cyclocross, and needless to say, she is ready.

“I’m excited to race with high-caliber women who are willing to go hard and be aggressive and get me ready to go to Europe.”

Lizzy Gunsalus rails the off-camber drill. 2019 Women’s MontanaCrossCamp, Thursday. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

When she hits the start line, Gunsalus will be wearing the colors of the Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld Development program. She signed with the program last year and got a full year of learning from her peers on the development team and the squad’s impressive roster of Elite riders.

“Honestly, I really looked forward to doing my pre-rides with [Stephen] Hyde and Kaitie [Keough] and even Matt [Timmerman],” Gunsalus said about her biggest learning opportunity with the team. “I learned so many tips and tricks I didn’t know about.”

Lizzy Gunsalus shoulders her bike during the relay race. 2019 Women’s MontanaCrossCamp, Thursday. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

I caught up with Gunsalus at Montana Cross Camp earlier this summer. You can listen to our conversation below.