Go Gravel Grinding in the Dark at Ohio’s Nite Rider Gravel Grinder Sept. 7 – Cyclocross Magazine

On September 7th, gravel riders in Ohio will have a unique opportunity to race gravel, on a closed course, at night, in the Nite Rider Gravel Grinder.

The novel format is a spinoff of the popular Black Fork Gravel Grinder. “Jay [Clipse, Race Director at Black Fork] and I love riding at night so we wanted to share that experience with our cycling friends,” said Matt Simpson, co-founder of the race.

The race takes place at the AEP ReCreation Land outside Belle Valley in Ohio’s Noble County. The race will be 33 miles long, with riders looping around 3 laps of the 11-mile course.

The course is in a remote area of reclaimed strip mine, which provides an interesting backdrop for racing. “It’s over 60 thousand acres with tons of really cool strip mine roads, haul routes and ATV trails,” Simpson told Cyclocross Magazine. “The gravel ranges from smooth and fast, to chunky gravel and even some grass double track.”

If riding alone at night is a prospect you’re not willing to face, Nite Rider has you covered with its lap based format. “It’s a three lap-race so riders will never feel alone because there’s always someone nearby,” explained Simpson.

The event starts at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 7th, and there are categories for women and men, open, Singlespeed and Masters. See the link below for registration and more info.

Registration closes on September 3, so don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the only closed (off)-road night race in the United States.