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Temporary cycling circuit on track for Yanchep – Community Newspaper Group

NORTHERN Beaches Cycling Club has received permission to create a temporary racing track in Yanchep.

The club has been calling for cycle training facilities for several years, and the City of Wanneroo hopes to build one at the Alkimos regional open space, but is yet to secure the site.

Wanneroo Council approved part of the club’s request to create a track at Splendid Park at its May 7 meeting, agreeing it could use paths and parking areas at the playing fields for training and events.

The temporary race track layout.

The council agreed to a 12-month trial for the temporary circuit and endorsed spending $70,000 for a feasibility study to create a continuous junior cycling criterium track around Splendid Park.

Club president Chris Howard welcome the council decision and said members used to train in a car park but they had to cancel junior training following “reckless behaviour” by car drivers.

“The 1.4km Splendid Park circuit will enable us to provide training for local youth once more,” Dr Howard said.

“NBCC has already partnered with Yanchep Little Athletics who will also use the course for their cross country training.

“The beauty of the track being located at Splendid Park will be the ease of access for people with disabilities who can use modified cycles for recreation and sport.

“By liaising with the existing sporting clubs we hope for a design that caters to fitness training for football, soccer, rugby and cricket.

“The circuit will be open for public use and able to be booked by sporting groups for training and competitions.

“We have ambitious plans for local schools to use the track for rider education and add cycling as an option for physical education.”

Club members celebrated the council decision on May 11 with riders from Currambine and Two Rocks meeting at Splendid Park.

At their April meeting, most Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association members gave in principle support for the cycling proposal provided their concerns were addressed.

Path at Splendid Park in Yanchep.

Those concerns included whether there would be separate tracks for cyclists to pedestrians and dog walkers, as well as how traffic going into the car park would be managed.

Wanneroo Councillor Sonet Coetzee said Splendid Park would be “a safe area for people to take their kids to train”.

The cycling club has about 800 members and has been advocating for a suitable facility, with options such as a circuit around the Alkimos Waste Water Treatment Plant and Butler playing fields previously considered.

During the 12-month trial, it hopes to use the carpark and part of Splendid Drive for school training on Thursday mornings, summer training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6am to 8am, and autumn and spring training on Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm.

It also plans to hold occasional events in summer and autumn on Saturdays and Sundays between 7am and 10am.

A council report said the permanent option was based on the existing path network and could cost more than $600,000.

“The intention of the development of the cycle path is to avoid the need for the use of the carpark and Splendid Drive,” the report said.

It said that upgrade would need to consider access needed by groups that already use facilities, including sports clubs, and passive users, as well as topography, the future skate park and safety issues.

Northern Beaches Cycling Club’s proposed cycle track at Splendid Park in Yanchep.