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The most popular mountain biking spot in Washington state? You probably already know – Bellingham Herald

Galbraith mountain bike trails are tops in Washington state | Bellingham Herald


Galbraith Mountain is the most popular place to go mountain biking in Washington state, according to a ranking released this week on

“At a high level, what we’re really measuring is how many people ride a given trail, and how highly they rate the trail,” states the article on the mountain biking site.

It was the sixth year in a row that Galbraith was recognized as the most popular place to ride mountain bikes in the state, according to Eric Brown, the executive director of the WMBC, a trails advocacy group that has for more than 30 years served as the stewards of the network of trails on the mountain just east of Bellingham.

Up to 65 miles of trails are on Galbraith, all of them built and maintained by the nonprofit Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and its volunteers.

Coming in second to Galbraith in this popularity contest was Tiger Mountain. Duthie Hill came in third. Both are in Issaquah.

Galbraith has long received attention from riders far and wide and has garnered attention for being a world-class destination.

On Monday, Brown said that five of the top six trails in Washington state, according to mountain bike app and website Trailforks, were on Galbraith.


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