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Pinarello launches Dogma FS ‘full suspended’ road bike –

Pinarello has launched the Dogma FS, which will be used by Team Sky on Sunday at Paris-Roubaix.

The carbon frame features electronic front and rear suspension systems, as used previously on the rear shock of the Pinarello Dogma K10-S.

A battery pack is located in the seat tube of the bike and powers the two suspension units, enabling them to adapt to the road surfaces as they change.

The bike follows the launch of the new Specialized Roubaix on Wednesday, which also features front and rear suspension systems.

Like the Specialized Roubaix, the Pinarello Dogma FS front suspension system uses 20mm of travel but positions it below the head tube on the fork crown. Pinarello’s system also uses a metal coil combined with a hydraulic damper and can be adjusted on or off depending on the surface.

At the rear of the Pinarello Dogma FS, the suspension unit sits at the top of the seat stays and acts as a junction between the stays and seat tube. The unit features 11mm of travel and again, using a hydro-electric system, allows the compliance to be switched on or off as necessary.

A smart battery pack sits inside the seat tube and works with a CPU to collect data from the gyroscopes and accelerometers to distinguish the road surface and adapt the front and rear suspension for a stiffer or more compliant ride.

A switch located on the downtube, where the Di2 interface port is usually located, allows the rider to put the system in automatic, manual, or off. The system can also be controlled via a smartphone app or through a Garmin computer.

Pinarello claims the Dogma FS can absorb on average 42 per cent of vibrations coming from the ground and, at faster speeds, up to 60 per cent. The smoother ride should increase bike stability and help to reduce rider fatigue.

The company also claims the Dogma FS increased average speed over the Carrefour de l’Arbre from 45.4km/h to 50km/h using less energy from the rider versus an unspecified ‘rigid road bike’. This speed increase could offer a time saving of 15 seconds over the secteur on Sunday’s race.

The bike has claimed tyre clearances of 28mm, an Italian threaded bottom bracket, and is available in four sizes (530, 550, 560 and 575mm).

In a press release from the Italian company, Team Sky’s Luke Rowe said: “We are incredibly lucky at Team Sky to have such a great partner like Pinarello. There is constant development of a range of bikes that are specifically designed to help us perform at the highest level, and the level of detail the team and Pinarello go to is reflective of how the team operates.

“I’m really looking forward to riding the Dogma FS at Paris-Roubaix. It’s always an exciting prospect to race on the latest bike.”

Team Sky’s Head of Technical Operations and Commercial, Carsten Jeppesen added: “Road racing takes many forms, and in Pinarello, we have a great partner who recognises the need to support the team, and the diverse demands of our race calendar.

“The Dogma FS combines the latest in frame and electronic technology to give our riders a dynamic bike that is fully adaptable for all terrains and can be controlled directly by the rider or fully automatic. It’s the perfect addition to our portfolio and is the latest result of our evolving partnership with Pinarello, giving our riders a unique handling and racing experience to help them optimise their performance.”