Mountain Biking

Get a new career as a mountain bike racer in Downhill Masters, out now on Android – Gamezebo

Downhill Masters is a brand new racing game that challenges you to help one of three different riders build a new career as a rider.

You’ve got Chef Devito, Fashion Designer Marie, and Accountant Steve. Each one specialises in a different skill too. Devito is powerful and muscular, Marie is great at performing tricks, and Steve is really fast.

On the track, this leads to three entirely different playstyles. While the controls are largely the same – you’ll pedal to build up speed, drift to take corners, and boost to gain speed – but each rider is better at something else.

While Steve and Marie are pretty straightforward, Devito’s particular skill is to nudge racers off the track.

There are a bunch of different modes to race through including Challenge Mode, in which you and up to three other riders race through 50 different stages. Then there’s World Grand Prix, which is a bunch of 1vs1 races against 28 other champions.

When you’re not racing, you’ll manage your rider’s lives. That includes their jobs, training regimes, and recreational activities. Each rider enjoys different activities too. Marie loves yoga, Devito likes to work out, and Steve likes playing with drones.

You can also train your skills as a racer in a bunch of different fun mini-games. So head on over to Google Play right now and enjoy this awesome racer out now.