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Video: Brandon Semenuk Tells The Story Behind the Most Viewed Mountain Bike Shot of All-time –

This historic moment was produced for unReal, the feature mountain bike film inspired by TGR and Anthill Films, and the limitless imaginations of a group of the best mountain bikers in the world. This segment ‘Pressure Drop’ is from Season 5, Episode 4 of Red Bull’s Ultimate Rush series.

bigquotes Comparing the one-shot segment to an event… You know I’d say it’s similar pressure – long track, lots of stuff to do in a row, but it was a little bit different because obviously there’s no crowd. We had a little bit more time to try and accomplish it, but we were trying to accomplish something a little more difficult, less manicured, a lot more logistics involved. It’s not all relying on me, the whole team’s involved.

For unReal, I helped build, I helped pick the crew, we designed this course together. I was running the machine more days than I rode my bike. Getting the opportunity to go and build for your concept is really cool. It takes getting creative on your bike to another level. It’s like a big kid’s sandbox.—Brandon Semenuk

Watch the full segment from unReal here.

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