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Road Biking for Women Cyclists: A Beginner’s Checklist for Cycling Kits from Jelenew – EIN News

Road Biking for Women Cyclists: A Beginner’s Checklist for Cycling Kits from Jelenew

Jelenew’s Pinnacle Bib Shorts

Jelenew’s Glider Short Sleeve Pro Jersey

Jelenew’s Avant Sleeveless Mesh Base Layer

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / — Finding the essentials in the vast array of road cycling gear can be challenging for beginners. Jelenew, a women’s cycling clothing brand dedicated to promoting women’s cycling around the world, has compiled a list for beginners to be prepared to go out and enjoy the fun of pedaling. This guide is applicable to women cyclists at any stage of cycling.

Padded Bibs
Padded bibs are all about providing comfort. A well-fitting pair of padded bibs not only wicks sweat and breathes, but also reduces drag effectively. Most women who are new to cycling experience pelvic and bottom pain after a long ride, and wearing padded bibs can be an effective relief for this problem. The pads are located in the crotch area of the bib and are called “Chaomis” in cycling lingo. The earliest Chaomis were made of natural suede, and now Chaomis have evolved and are mostly made of synthetic material, which reduces the friction between the body and the seat, and also absorbs shock and moisture. Jelenew’s Pinnacle Bib Shorts are among the best performance-oriented bibs on the market. It uses 3D laser shaped Elastic Interface®Crossover chamois pad, the core support area of the pad has a sponge density as high as 130kg/m3, and the support it provides can significantly improve the riding comfort of female beginners. The curved shape of the cushion fits the curve of the female pelvis. During cycling, the cushion moves with the rider’s body to avoid unnecessary friction. The special channel structure and the extremely soft recycled polyamide make the pad absorb and wick away moisture fast. The soft cushion surface is treated with antibacterial layer to prevent odors during riding.

Jelenew is known for creating cycling apparel that covers and protects women’s unique physiology with curve protection techniques by utilizing French couture-level tailoring. These aerodynamic Pinnacle Bib Shorts are designed for female-specific ergonomics. Curves protect curves. The proprietary curvilinear tailoring technique creates the most aerodynamic and form-fitting shape which feels like a tight and supportive hug, and can reduce muscle fatigue and drag, bringing a brand-new pedaling experience to women cyclists.

Cycling Jersey
Can one wear casual tops for cycling? Absolutely. However, wearing a form-fitting cycling jersey can greatly reduce drag and improve one’s performance. Moreover, cycling is an intense sport and cyclists tend to get hot and sweaty during the ride. The functional fabrics used in the cycling jersey is usually quick-drying and leave your skin cool and dry so you do not feel sticky or uncomfortable. Because most beginner cyclists are new to tight cycling jerseys, professional cyclists will suggest that beginners choose cycling jerseys with good air ventilation but not so tight. Jelenew’s Glider Short Sleeve Pro Jersey is an aerodynamic jersey made of warp-knitted mesh fabric with a checkerboard texture on the surface. Because the fabric contains 25% Lycra, it has strong stretchiness and durability. The ergonomic tailoring provides sufficient support and compression for women cyclists’ core muscles like a supportive hug, well proportioned and in no way short, tight or restrictive so cyclists can move freely without restraints. The Glider Short Sleeve Pro Jersey suits the needs of women cyclists at different stages of training and racing. This jersey also comes with natural sun protection properties, which can prevent skin damage caused by the sun exposure.

Base Layer
The Base Layer is the most intimate layer for a cyclist and is designed to manage the temperature and moisture of the body. Jelenew’s Avant Sleeveless Mesh Base Layer’s skin-friendly, soft to the touch and offers light support for the body. It is made of selected lightweight moisture-wicking fabric made in Italy, the natural zinc-ion-infused fabric is inherently anti-microbial. The diamond-shaped high airflow mesh forms multiple contact points with the rider’s skin, which creates channels that can quickly transfer sweat from riding to keep the cyclist’s skin cool at all times. During winter, it can also act as an extra layer for moisture management. A must-have for female riders all year round.

A well-fitting and comfortable apparel not only can help you with better performance but can also make cycling more enjoyable. Beginner cyclists should prioritize functionality and fit before the look when choosing cycling apparel.

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