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CWG: Medal hopes dashed in Men’s Cycling Road Race – Manx Radio

Ben Swift finishes 15th overall

Team Isle of Man’s hopes for a medal in the Men’s Road Race have been dashed. 

Ben Swift was first to finish from the Manx side, coming 15th overall and 3 minutes 54 seconds behind winner Aaron Gate of New Zealand. 

He emerged as one of the leaders just over an hour into the race. 

Matt Bostock sat comfortably in the first chase but later had to pull out due to technical difficulties. 

Tom Mazzone was the second Manx man to finish, he was 38th overall, followed by Mark Christian who came in 42nd. 

Mark Cavendish came next in 44th, and Sam Brand finished 63rd. 

Placing – Name – Time (Gap)

15th – Ben Swift – 3:32:23 (3:54)
38th – Tom Mazzone – 3:37:08 (8:39)
42nd – Mark Christian – 3:37:08 (8:39)
44th – Mark Cavendish – 3:37:08 (8:39)
63rd – Sam Brand – 3:38:11(9:42)
DNF – Matt Bostock

Team Isle of Man’s Commonwealth journey concludes on the track tonight with Sarah Astin and Rachael Franklin in the Women’s 5000m final and Joe Harris in the Men’s Javelin Final. 

Hear from Ben Swift, Mark Christian, Mark Cavendish and Sam Brand here: