Mountain Biking

Avid Belfast mountain bikers build new trail system in the city – Bangor Daily News

BELFAST, Maine — Mountain bikers seeking rugged, forested terrain have a new option in Belfast where a new trail system has opened off City Point Road.

The trail at the El Depot Mountain Bike Park is located on municipally-owned land that served as a public ski hill also called El Depot around 50 years ago. The hilly, 1.2 mile loop through the woods includes banked hairpin turns, and is intended to be accessible to many.

“The idea is that anyone can get out there and ride laps on it. Even if someone feels challenged by their first lap, you can still get out and do it,” Chris Gardner, who spearheaded the creation of El Depot, said this week. “One of my favorite things about the sport is that more people now are coming to it as adults. You get the satisfaction of learning a new thing and gaining confidence in a new skill.”