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Video: British Doctor Urges Mountain Bikers to “Make Good Decisions” –

Euan Rossi, an orthopedic surgeon and medical consultant at events like Crankworx and Hardline, is urging mountain bikers to make more sensible choices if they choose to ride during the Coronavirus outbreak. Rossi has been on the frontline of the NHS in Glasgow and fears the NHS will be overloaded if more mountain bikers take risky choices on the trail.

bigquotes Addressing mountain bikers, you obviously know I love to ride a bike, I love to race bikes, it’s a massive part of my life but right now you have to make good decisions. One of those decisions is not putting pressure on emergency services unneccessarily. Yes, go for a spin, get your legs turning, get your heart and lungs working, we know that’s good for you we know that increases your resistance to disease, makes you healthier, keeps your mental health in good nick but don’t do anything that’s going to test the emergency services right now. Don’t be an a*shole and go over the bars and break your collarbone right now, the country just won’t be able to cope. So, please, be responsible. If you go out yourself, tell someone where you’re going. If you get to a trail centre and see that there’s about 20 people queueing for the ticket machine, tell them they’re being idiots and to give more space and then just move on. Keep away from other people right now.

If you have a fever or a persistent cough, these are the two hallmarks of having Coronavirus, you must self isolate for 2 weeks, it’s absolutely essential.—Euan Rossi

As the world struggles to suppress the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines of your local health authorities. Even if you don’t have the virus, bike-related hospital visits put additional stress on your medical systems; do not undertake any activities that put you or others at risk.