Track Cycling

Track cycling on way back – Nation News


Promising 23-year-old rider Edwin Sutherland could be on the track tomorrow. (FP)

Track cycling is returning to the National Stadium this weekend for the first time in nearly ten years and it could set the stage for a new  schools programme.

President of the Barbados Cycling Union (BCU), Charles Lynch, told the NATION , track racing will make its long awaited return tomorrow afternoon, with a three-hour programme starting at 2 p.m.

Lynch said he was delighted that the track was suitable enough for racing.
 “The track is not the best but it is manageable. Cleaning was completed last week and we can start the programme this weekend. We have not had track cycling for more than seven years; it has been a long time. This should be an exciting time for the sport.

“The return to track racing is where we can start with the programme to get in some youths into the sport. It is a controlled sport. We are working on three schools to bring them into the cycling programme.

“So far, we have engaged the Ifill School and we are looking at two other schools within the close perimeter of the Stadium, namely Eden Lodge and Lawrence T. Gay,” he said.