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Deceuninck – Quick-Step’s New Weapon – Road Bike Action

Press Release

 Cyclists and cycling fans have always had a long association with coffee, with a stop at a café being an essential part of most rides, thus making the partnership between Rocket Espresso and the team a natural one. Rocket Espresso’s superior machines will be used to make the delicious coffee being served in the Quick-Step Bar Velo, which can be seen by fans at many of the races where the team will be racing this season. As well as this, the machines have proved very popular with the staff at our service course, where they are perfect for extracting the flavour of the Wolfpack Coffee, news of which is coming soon.

“Espresso has become an integral part of the professional peloton since we first started working with professional cycling back in 2008”, said Andrew Meo, managing director at the Milan-based Rocket Espresso. “Many of the world’s top riders are using our machines and to partner and work with a team of the calibre of Deceuninck – Quick-Step is a real pleasure.”

“The Rocket R58 machine is really something special and it is something that I have always really wanted to have in my kitchen. The design of the machine is very nice and makes great coffee. It is always nice to wake up and have good coffee to start my day. Since I have had a Rocket R58 at home and the only problem is that when I am travelling at a race, it is really hard to make coffee to the same level”, said classics specialist Zdenek Stybar.

Rocket Espresso is a small specialist producer of handmade espresso machines. Their portfolio includes beautiful premium domestic machines that will deliver espresso the equal of any coffee you will find in the best cafes and bars, alongside professional machines that are found in some of the world’s best cafes.

A number of Deceuninck – Quick-Step customised R58 machines will be available for purchase in the near future.